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7 Things Not To Wear In PARIS⎢French Chic 🎁 FREE SHAPE UP! ECOURSE (Discover which body shape you are) https://bit.ly/2BSA2c8  In this video, I talk about 7 pieces not to wear in Paris, if you wish to look chic.  Please watch this video to know more. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 🇫🇷 Bonjour! I am MARIE-ANNE LECOEUR, French author of Amazon best-selling ebooks 'HOW TO BE CHIC & ELEGANT' and 'THE TIDY CLOSET', and founder of The French Chic Academy. I live in a sweet 300-year old stone cottage in Normandie, France. WEBSITES 🇫🇷 https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com 🇫🇷 http://www.marieannelecoeur.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- 🎁 GET 10% OFF BODY SHAPE ECOURSES 🎁 APPLE SHAPE ECOURSE https://bit.ly/2ARZeO0 HOURGLASS SHAPE ECOURSE https://bit.ly/2BRnWzE INVERTED TRIANGLE SHAPE https://bit.ly/2RBE2mz PEAR SHAPE ECOURSE https://bit.ly/2KY7u3v RECTANGLE SHAPE ECOURSE https://bit.ly/2RADqO1 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 🇫🇷 FRENCH CHIC ECOURSES 🇫🇷 https://bit.ly/2D6CDjd A TOUCH OF CLASS-IC https://bit.ly/2Fs8JY2 EAT LIKE A FRENCH WOMAN https://bit.ly/2Fok3FE SHOP LIKE A CHIC FRENCH WOMAN https://bit.ly/2SOD0nY FROM FRUMPY TO CHIC https://bit.ly/2FvgZXu DRESS 10LBS THINNER https://bit.ly/2D76bND LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER https://bit.ly/2Hda4EK FRENCH CHIC PLUS SIZE https://bit.ly/2CeBqEA WEAR COLOURS LIKE A FRENCH WOMAN https://bit.ly/2M7phpL WEAR PRINTS LIKE A FRENCH WOMAN https://bit.ly/2D76qIx MINIMISE A BIG TUMMY https://bit.ly/2SRCpC1 FRENCH CHIC PETITE https://bit.ly/2REsOkH THE TIDY CLOSET https://bit.ly/2QHjMPa ---------------------------------------------------------------- 🇫🇷 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION 🇫🇷 FRENCH CHIC DAILY https://bit.ly/2TOjhEZ ---------------------------------------------------------------- 🇫🇷 BOOKS 🇫🇷 THE TIDY CLOSET - EBOOK https://bit.ly/2Dl138B THE TIDY CLOSET - PAPERBACK https://amzn.to/2CAtCNJ PEAR SHAPE - AUDIO + EBOOK https://bit.ly/2FMLyIk ---------------------------------------------------------------- 🇫🇷 VIDEOS 🇫🇷 TOP 5 WORST PIECES TO WEAR! https://youtu.be/B-0jvHbQjGA 2 SWEATERS 23 OUTFITS! https://youtu.be/BxxuWn7EcSU 10 OLDEST PIECES IN MY FRENCH CHIC WARDROBE https://youtu.be/GVxgbgfMf04 THE LITTLE STYLE SECRET FRENCH WOMEN LOVE https://youtu.be/inP9n51ccwU WHY YOUR CASUAL CLOTHES MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT https://youtu.be/ybRl2bRpI7E ———————————————————————————————— Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and click on the little bell for notifications, merci 😁 Marie-Anne x
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Max Pohan (2 hours ago)
I'am a man. I completely agree with Marie-Anne. Un fois j'ai vecu a Lyon, et Paris et Lyon plus ou moin est comparable. I like the way Lyonnaise dress. They are more or less like Parisians.
Max Pohan (1 hour ago)
+Marie-Anne Lecoeur De rien, Marie-Anne, ou bien Mdm Lecoeur. Pardonnez-moi. Greetings from Jakarta. On the other hemisphere..
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 hour ago)
Merci Max xx
Time to bring back sophistication on us, women!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 day ago)
Exactly Christina, join the #StyleOverFashion revolution xx
Meredith Anderson (2 days ago)
It seems like Paris and Hollywood are total opposites!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 days ago)
I think so Meredith, but it takes all sorts to make a world xx
I was in Paris back in 1994, and seen some super short skirts on the metro,short enough to make your eyes water, long before short skirts we seen elsewhere
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (3 days ago)
They should have watched my video :0D xx
Sugarplum K (4 days ago)
Sounds good to me. I would fit right in :)
Sugarplum K (4 days ago)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur 😂 or go clothes shopping together!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 days ago)
We should meet up and have an I'm Not Wearing This Party 😂😂
ciarri winter (6 days ago)
These are good tips if you want to blend in yes. It's not actually safe in Paris to wear mini skirts or plunging necklines sadly. I live in Paris and just wear what I want.
ciarri winter (6 days ago)
Well I am an adopted Parisienne as a foreigner but the 'dress codes' are there yes and I have adopted some of them as well!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (6 days ago)
Bonjour ciarri, thank you for giving us the view of an actual Chic Parisienne xx
Life As Marie (6 days ago)
As far as short skirts/shorts I feel there is an age limit on them. If you saw let's say a more mature woman wearing a low cut top and short skirt on it would look quite rediculous. Even when I wear shorter things I always have safety shorts on underneath and a more modest top. Also may be I am just a bit more open about shorter hemlines because I love a good mix between French and Korean style.
Life As Marie (6 days ago)
+Marie-Anne Lecoeur thank you so much! It is a little awkward to look back at it now as that was made when i was in high school, bit i really appreciate that. An yes, I've looked up to both for quite awhile now. French style I would say is more classic and Korean tends to lean on feminine side. I had a friend who studied in both countries and she said both countries put a lot of pride into how they looked. I respect that a lot.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (6 days ago)
Bonjour Life As Marie, yes I am afraid age does impose limits on what we can wear. It is one of the facts of life. A mix of French and Korean sounds intriguing xx PS you look very pretty in your Make-Up Tutorial xx
Sherri H (7 days ago)
Many good comments here. I personally just want to be myself, not over the top EVER. But if I want to throw on some false lashes because my husband might like them, then that is what I'm gonna do! Thanks for a very informative video!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (7 days ago)
Bonjour Sherri, there is always room for a little self expression ;0)xx
Conor O'Brien (7 days ago)
Bonjour Marie-Anne! I’m visiting Paris in July of this year and I’ll be with my friends and we like to go out a lot, so I like to look my best! When I go out, I like to wear makeup, partly for style and also to make my skin look a little better. I was wondering what are the attitudes in Paris towards boys who wear makeup? I’d love to know. Fabulous video by the way! Thanks x
Conor O'Brien (7 days ago)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur of course, thank you! I’ll take it all into account. And thank you so much! ❤️❤️
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (7 days ago)
Bonjour Conor, although I do not live in Paris and can not say for sure I would say that like all cosmopolitan cities Paris is a thriving cultural and social mix that welcomes diversity and celebrates people being themselves. Enjoy Paris and what she has to offer but like all cities you may have to be careful at night in areas that may not be visited by tourists and keep your wits about you just as you would in any city area. Your harp playing is wonderful by the way :0)xx
Kristina Petrovicova (7 days ago)
Kind of sad with all the rules, no fun colors, no fun makeup, no fun hair.. :( I’m not a kim k but I still enjoy a wide variety of fashion..
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (7 days ago)
Bonjour Kristina above all Style is an expression of your individuality ;0) be you
Ben Smith (8 days ago)
I’m loving these videos.
Ben Smith (8 days ago)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur , French women don’t wear Chanel. I’ve only just discovered your channel so I’m sure there will be a lot more. Merci beaucoup.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (8 days ago)
Bonjour Ben, thank you for watching. Which is your favourite? :0? xx
Glenn D. Miller (8 days ago)
Excellent advice for North America too! Underwear, night clothes, swimsuits, gym clothes worn as normal attire seem to be the new fashions in the US- disgusting!!
LizzyDeBoomBoom (8 days ago)
I have the impression that many Americans are fascinated by the French style, but they do not understand it completely. They still buy a lot of things - if they have perfumes, they have 20-30 bottles, neither one or two distinctive fragrances. If they try to dress in the European style, it is still heavily exaggerated, and the wardrobes are bursting at the seams. This famous "Parisian chic" is nothing but a simple philosophy, not based on consumerism! The style of dress is only a resultant lifestyle, which is very European. Not only Parisian :)
Andrea Rusu (8 days ago)
gotta stop putting Paris on a pedestal
Ah Ha (8 days ago)
I am not French but I was fortunate to spend summers in Paris as a girl and attend university there. I remember a very different Paris where women wore beautiful clothes, hats, bags and shoes, gorgeous coats and yes they did wear color. I'm so happy I witnessed this time...
Lina Asia (9 days ago)
people from Balkans (Turkey, Croatia, serbia..) And east Europe are way more classier than in France , btw i live in Paris and you cant even wear a skirt without being judged or insulted in public . i miss turkey 🇹🇷 thoo 😭
vilieto (8 days ago)
Eastern Europe classy?! That can't be any further from the truth :D People there go for the biggest brand logos, most kitsch and tasteless clothing statements, dress head to toe in fakes from china, wear make-up that half the year doesn't match because they bought it in summertime when they had tan (some would try to combat this by going to solariums or fake tanning), love to demonstrate wealth in every way possible (even if they don't have any), the whole mafia and pornstar aesthetics are the most popular aspiration. Their homes are only a reflection of this and it can be seen from far away - bright colours, brothel-like furniture, biggest tv screens you can possibly fit through the door (even in slums without proper plumbing).
Toni Pope (9 days ago)
You just described what NOT to wear ANYWHERE!!! Have you noticed bad taste needs to be addressed more and now?!?!
A O (9 days ago)
Wear what makes you happy in France. That’s what.
Renee Lanning (9 days ago)
Just don't go to Paris. Unless you want to fight to regain it for France. It is lost.
Shona Gunawan (9 days ago)
Would you maybe next time explain as to why these things shouldn't be worn in Paris? Inappropriate maybe or uncomfortable?
kh22912 (10 days ago)
I personally cannot STAND when people in the States wear sweatpants and messy buns out in public. I just don't understand, people do not take the time and effort to look presentable around here
Audrey Jérome (10 days ago)
Thoses rules only apply to older woman in my opinion, cause most of them can be worn with good sense of style if done the right way! ;) but thats just my point of view, i believe that fashion is so much more than just ''following the rules''...!!! Rules were made to be broken.
Nicoleta Neagu (8 days ago)
She talks about style, NOT fashion....
Lesia van der Woman (10 days ago)
these are not pure french recommendation. this is just "how to look decent woman". works in every country because it is safer to not show up, be like everybody and don't have attention. very small amount of women are brave enough to be extravagant, wear something very sexy or unique. so how this is related to France? why do I need to look like like local? If I am a tourist it is fine to look like tourist, have camera and make lots of pictures and go to tourist places. no matter how I dress you will see I am not french. so why do I need to even try?
ankimbo (10 days ago)
Is this video for the Americans? I live in the US now, but when I lived in Madrid, you could spot an American a mile away. Wearing sneakers with fur coat, etc. 😬
iwona holman (10 days ago)
Love you video and love Paris❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (10 days ago)
Merci Iwona :0)xx
LiberianGirl Pleven (10 days ago)
Not to wear too short she says.. Please, tell this to France's First Lady!
Baiba E (10 days ago)
She breaks all the rules of this post
Shelly Slaczka (10 days ago)
I was good with everything except neon colors and the makeup. Loud can still be done tastefully.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (10 days ago)
Bonjour Shelly, there is always room for self expression :0)xx
That is the way I grew up, for going out an event or even a dinner night, shopping etc. we don't wear sporty clothing..these type of chlothing should be worn in the gym..Never go out without fixing your hair, always look presentable..
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (11 days ago)
Parfait :0)xx
Tabula Rasa (11 days ago)
Marie Anne, you remind me of Irene Jacob, the actress : ))
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (11 days ago)
Merci Tabula Rasa :0)xx
Tanya S (11 days ago)
False eyelashes and “blingy” clothing, were a big “style” trend, this past winter... here in the US. (False lashes are still a thing, now.) I like a little bling, every now and then... but prefer to do that with jewelry instead of bling on the actual clothing item. And when I do bling, for daytime, it’s a classic set of dangly earrings and matching (understated!) necklace or - at night or for special occasions - a statement piece like a pair of earrings OR a necklace (but never both together!!!) —— Here in the US, another trend I can’t stand is sportswear. It’s so big that some companies have created “daywear” and even some “party wear” around that trend. (shaking my head) And men wearing baseball jerseys and caps and gym shoes, even when going on a date or to a restaurant dinner. (crying)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (11 days ago)
Bonjour Tanya, I did a video on Sportswear :0. I agree sportswear is for sports! Thank you for watching :0)xx
Karla Faulkner (11 days ago)
Oh the opposite of germany
Happy Fallen (11 days ago)
I don't like to be told what not to wear. I have my own style which can vary from very understated to very loud, depending on my mood. I actually hate these lists of things not to do or not to say or not to wear. These lists seem very popular nowadays, and have a tendency of herd mentally.
Sophie Acapella (11 days ago)
Hello Marie-Anne! You could use the same items and title the video "what to wear in LA" 😁.
Kim Medele (8 days ago)
Same thoughts 😂
MissAtlantique (12 days ago)
I live in London. I am not English. Yesterday i was in a lift with two spotty-greasy haired french ladies in mid 30s and crinkled SuperDry wind jacket. How is that french? This French Style is pretty much a myth. There are French women that have no sense of style/general idea of how to look well groomed. It is not a "no effort look" it is "no effort literally". And I observe that every time i visit France. I hope some french women will watch this video too!
Dawn Darner (12 days ago)
This is definitely one of your most useful talks for me as I head to Paris soon. Thank you!
Katie Metcalfe (12 days ago)
Great tips...totally agree!
Violet Jean Garcia (12 days ago)
I'm usa all is fake...
Beatriz Cotello (13 days ago)
In Paris and everywhere, Most tourists don‘t follow these minimal guides of good taste. You may be sent away from very chic places (it happened to me once I tried to enter the Ritz Lobby with a synthetic fur coat) but vulgär people are not usually interested in them.
K Simk (13 days ago)
That applies anywhere in Europe
TheTripstraps (14 days ago)
hehe then french probably do not like norway, we love comfy sportswear and backbacks as much of a time as possible. its about being cosy:D and we think red lipstick is tacky, especially for everyday use. maybe only for special ocasions like christmas party. but in general red lipstick not good, more natural colours :D:D
lula dasilva (19 days ago)
Todo lo que dice que no se debe usar en París es lo que tampoco usamos en Madrid.
Daniel Trelles (27 days ago)
Interest video! i love the parisian style hope i can understand everyday more and more! bisous du Pérou.
Hana Tanana (30 days ago)
I went to Paris twice looking forward to see great fashion and was greatly disappointed. People wore old fashioned, boring clothes and most had no style at all. Parisian fashion is greatly over-rated. Do you want to see individualistic, interesting personal style? You should go to London, Rome, Stockholm, New York or Tokyo. Not Paris.
Ladynipchick2 (30 days ago)
Sounds like most English Sloane rangers! Very boring, IMO, but then I prefer drama to understatement any day. X
Susie Queue (1 month ago)
So, in essence, don’t be common! I agree. Don’t wear these thing anywhere. Ever!
Donna Theberge (1 month ago)
marvalous ! what everyone , especially french women should know .
Rita Parker (1 month ago)
Yellow vests seem particularly stylish in France these days!💛
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
Oh I hadn't heard of this one before ;0)
Sasha Lamb (1 month ago)
Vous avez reason
Karen Miranda (1 month ago)
I guess we Americans (as a continent) let’s not go to Paris lol. I get my crepe fix nearby my house in the US and also at a great fine creperia in my native city in South America. Plus as you know Paris is garbage right now, go and travel to other beautiful places until they decide to find a solution about the refugees situation that they got going on: very fancy!
Joe Mel (1 month ago)
Bonjour, du Quebec. What my wife usually does is buy the top brand (money is no object) transparent bags, puts it over her LV's and goes out with it, under any kinds of weather. Genius my wife is
Linda Atamian (1 month ago)
Merci beaucoup, Marie-Anne!
ana ruiz (1 month ago)
Maya (1 month ago)
no no
Iconic58 (1 month ago)
I find this interesting as every MAJOR fashion mag for decades and decades and celebrities (I've ever SEEN in fashion spreads I'm talking you Vogue, Vogue Italia, does just the opposite with the weaves, breast hanging out and over the top clothing. and short skirts dresses you name it! I've not seen ANYTHING (bless your heart Karl Lagerfeld) below the top (pardon the pun) coming out of Paris. So I'm not sure what planet this lady is from. I myself love understated and NO make up look, but when I turn on my TV and see news anchors with those hideous PAINTED ON EYEBROWS THAT EVERYONE IS WEARING NOW I WANT TO PUKE! So I am not sure what this lady is even talking about but I can dig it. I wonder if this is code messaging for some reason. I just feel that it is when I see exactly the opposite in mags, featuring the Parisian mystique and runways. No fake eyelashes, honey I see that all day EVERY DAY and isn't that child what's her name, Killie/Kylie a BILLIONAIRE from all this makeup stuff? Somebody's wearing sumpin!!! Amal Clooney who I love! They are all wearing make up and false eyelashes and weaves, maybe not her but you know what I mean!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
You are talking about fashion, while I'm talking about STYLE. Two very different beasts ;0)
saturdaysun10 (1 month ago)
I'm not sure that you should wear these 7 things anywhere. It's a matter of style, and none of these things are a marque of good style...though, I've seen Parisians wearing micro skirts, sportswear while out and about. Please make number 8 on the list flip-flops. I can't stand those things! Especially platform flip-flops. Everything is so regulated these days--why are we still allowed to wear flip-flops??? LOL! ou en français, MDR!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
Solange Mooney (1 month ago)
She is certainly adressing OLDER French women... The young French women are elegant even when extravagant, in micro shorts/skirts, with false eyelashes etc.... There are no more rules, as long as you feel and look good..and that goes for all over the world!!!
suburbandrudgery (1 month ago)
Tokyo has the best dressers and fashion
Judy Patrick (1 month ago)
I love Paris, so sophisticated, so exciting, so wonderful but I find it a bit disappointing about the dog dropping. 😔
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
I completely agree on this! :0/
Another NPC (1 month ago)
I find it amazing that most people need this explained to them. My attire would just be what i wear everyday (in winter): dress jeans (the slightly more formal cut), dress shirt, vest (or sweater), coat, scarf, hat (and gloves). Socks and brown dress shoes.
Pat Andersen (2 months ago)
Subscribed, thank you for the well made informative video and advice.
Michael Vanderhoff (2 months ago)
moral of the video: don’t be american
Michael Vanderhoff (1 month ago)
Another NPC 1960
Another NPC (1 month ago)
I find it amazing though. Have you ever seen pictures of American tourists dating back to the 1950s ? Where did it all go wrong ?
Mia Shone (2 months ago)
I'm going to Paris in 2 days!!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Have a lovely time in Paris :0)
Bruce Marsico (2 months ago)
One should watch those videos......a walking tour of the Champs Elysee, or, traversingthrough the Latin Quartre….nicely dressed?  Where?  The police look sharp.  All polished up.  The citizens?  Not so much.  But then, most of the people walking about are out of towners.  Nice Germans in little blue socks and sandals.  Lots of USA citizens in flip flops.Chinese in what ever....those little hats and ugly shoes and weird weird haircuts.Africans in all sorts of mismatched shirts and trousers.  Lots of trainer shoes on theyounger people.  Oh, and ball caps.  It's like almost everywhere else.  Some people are pretty.  Lots are ordinary.  And then there are the desperately homey.  Bonjour Paris!
Gerda Van Haute (2 months ago)
I guess she has a public..wannebe bourgois , cuz the real ones don´t need the advice. ( I am none of those)
Larysa Moskalets (2 months ago)
Hi 👋 quick question. Do people run on a streets maybe in a park or you don’t see that in Paris?
Mazza Cheewanich (2 months ago)
Love your boat neck line, and of course your chic pearl bracelet.
Jeanne Currie (2 months ago)
Merci! I agree with everything that you said. I cannot believe such rude comments by people. Listen folks - if you want to dress up however - go right ahead. But you are still judged by what you wear and how you look. And the fact that you have no idea what 'chic' is makes me think that you are really not qualified to give your opinion here.
Belle McGovern (2 months ago)
This was super helpful!! Thank you!
Stephanie DeGange (2 months ago)
thank you
Maria Lorente (2 months ago)
Gosh, I thought she was talking about "no [designer] fakes"...
Jessica Walter (2 months ago)
I don't think that they dress chic
lucy goosey (2 months ago)
You have the youngest looking neck! What is your secret?
Taffy Nou (2 months ago)
Loved it!And yes: NO GYM clothes out of the GYM!!
So basically do not dress like a hooker. Good advice for any country.
Tiara Beauty (2 months ago)
I am planning a trip for my family but she threw me away when when talked about fake hair and lashes and heavy makeup 😭 some of my subscriptions on YouTube comes from Parisian women and they are the total opposite
victoria R (1 month ago)
+Tiara Beauty Parisian women are not like that. Here, too much makeup is cheap, totally not chic.
Tiara Beauty (2 months ago)
But I totally understand though! Thanks !
Kelly M (2 months ago)
Such a good video! I’m going to Paris in June for the first time (I’ve been wanting to go my entire life) and I’m very much in to styling. I’ve always admired the simplicity yet, sophisticated style of French women. Can’t wait to pack my bags! 😃
mataform (2 months ago)
I think it's so interesting that on the one hand classic style is very attractive but on the other it's also smacks of conformity and the establishment. No I don't like hair extensions/micro skirts/ breasts laid out as if on a plate BUT I do like innovation and self expression and art! Jean-Paul Gaultier came to our night clubs in the Uk because he got inspiration for his clothes. We like to dress up and we are eccentric which means we love art and theatre and self expression. This moves fashion forward otherwise it would be soooo boring. I went to Paris in the 80's as a fashionista punk/ beatnick - my boyfriend had an amazing canary lemon yellow linen suit which we had flicked paint Jackson pollock style and he wore a great Fedora and DM's and the french people were outraged! We got hooted by passing cars wherever we went. It was really funny as we didn't expect it. I love the Uk for being so open and yes often vulgar but out of chaos comes beauty and joy! May I say the lovely lady doing this vid needs to wear a stronger colour! That stone white is not doing her complexion any favours!!.
mataform (1 month ago)
+Anne sorry but I don't think I was being overly harsh. I called her a 'lovely lady' - which she appears to be - and it may interest you to know she responded by saying she agreed with me that she was looking very pale. If she wasn't perturbed by it why are you? The problem with commenting on anything these days is finding oneself stuck between the over sensitive and the trolls. I subscribe to neither.
Anne (1 month ago)
I dont fully agree with her guidelines because as a professional artist I enjoy fashion as an expression of self and art. I do dress slightly more conservatively and wear natural makeup and dont show off my body too much but sometimes I do. To me fashion is to be fun and exciting and not full of rules and guidelines. That being said I think you are being overly harsh and that last sentence was uncalled for. She looks lovely in white and I dont think its washing her out at all. You can disagree with constructive criticism and still be kind.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
I agree I was pale at the time.
Lulu kallinen (2 months ago)
Thank you for the Video😊You have such a warm presence.
kathy bost (2 months ago)
can we wear a YELLOW VEST?
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Lol you are so funny! I hadn't heard that joke yet! ;0)
So So (2 months ago)
What are you talking about? Paris is not as stylish as you make it look, ive lived there for years and everyonr is different, people wear extensions, make up, maxi skirts... and some people sportswear
e alexander (2 months ago)
How I wish America understood this less is more and authentic natural style. Thank you!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
You're welcome :0)
Emilia Chidester (2 months ago)
No more BS, people are dressing horribly everywhere.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
...And this why I offer my style advice :0)
BlueRidgeMtns100 (2 months ago)
Basic good taste applies in all places at all times.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
It certainly does :0)
mmemettejensen (2 months ago)
Et les baskets?
C Beaty (2 months ago)
Thank you for this fun video. I thought I would tell you, though, that no one says “a no-no” any more in the US! It’s a very dated phrase here. One would more likely just say. Something is “no good,” “not cool,” or “not done.”
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Thank goodness I live in France then ;0)
mygreentopiary (2 months ago)
Thank you for this. I have been to Paris two times and I have frequently observed that majority of Parisians do ascribe to this basic rules of fashion. My favorite is the most basic shawl or scarf (which I have no doubt either a Celine or Hermes!) is understated but very elegant.
Origami and Cats (2 months ago)
Lol. Except for the makeup I do all of these things. Wearing pajamas out and about is my favorite. I love to wear neon tops too.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Jim Sales (2 months ago)
If Chanel is alive today she would have bashed you. She used to dressed lavishly with as many strands of necklaces dangling in front and back of her neck along with bold brooch, bold metallic belt and gigantic sunglasses worn all together.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
If you knew even a little about Chanel, you would know that she was the one who started to remove corsets, embellishments, garish detailing etc. from the fashion of those days, back in the early 1900s. I think Mademoiselle Chanel would be proud of what I stand for, and not what fashion is about these days. Thank you.
JZWALZ51 ROBIN (2 months ago)
JulieAnkha N. (2 months ago)
Than that means no models. They wear lots of fake for the catwalk.
queenannes lace (2 months ago)
Isn't it sad these days how most everyone wants to analyze and argue - over the most trivial issues. I wanted to watch this video because I was interested in French Style. If you do not care to learn more about this French woman's style - then don't watch. WHY must EVERYTHING be an argument? I'm OVER the OUTRAGE.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Thank you :0)
Standing tall (2 months ago)
tres chic
Violette Wellington (2 months ago)
So don’t look like or dress like Kim Kardashian
Taffy Nou (4 days ago)
That is correct!
blueshoes915 (9 days ago)
LOL! I was going to make this exact comment and then saw yours. So true. Just good advice in general.
WOW.. so well said.. Kardashian look is extremely VULGAR
Majo Acosta (2 months ago)
Merci beaucoup
Simple Zulema (2 months ago)
Very interesting, thank you! I was surprised about the fake lashes since those are so common here in the US.
Linda Rosenthal (2 months ago)
Nice video. Merci.
Jan Chozen Bays (2 months ago)
Thank you. Very helpful. I did observe that women in Paris dress well, but not in a flamboyant way.
Ksenia Swampland (2 months ago)
Starts with short skirts lol, let’s pretend Jane Birkin never existed :) anyway, what happens if you do wear and enjoy all of these things? You get deported or go to fashion jail? Wear what makes you happy and to hell with the snobs. Upd: on second thought, don’t wear anything remotely sexy in Paris, I remember wearing a mini (not micro) skirt there when I was 19 and I got way too much attention from creepy middle aged French men, who appeared not to have seen a pair or legs since 1968.
Ksenia Swampland (2 months ago)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur she spent a lot of time in Paris, right? (and if the video is for visitors, should be for Jane too). Anyway, Brigitte Bardot is French and she wore revealing clothes like it’s no one’s business! Surely there are others, but these ladies come to mind first.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Jane Birkin was English ;0)
Bleue Violette (2 months ago)
The short skirt was all but created in Paris, and as far a nothing too over the top! - you have to be joking - hello couture! - the amazing fashion shows, the world's most iconic designers - the home of fashion, fashion, fashion! Then there is the make-up, the hair, the shopping! There is nothing subdued or subtle about Paris - period!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
My channel is about style not fashion :0)
Marilene Boschofsky (2 months ago)
I agree“Less is more“

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