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7 Things Not To Wear In PARIS ⎢French Chic

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7 Things Not To Wear In PARIS⎢French Chic Please scroll down for your FREE BODY SHAPE ECOURSE! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and click on the little bell for notifications, merci 😁 https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com http://www.marieannelecoeur.com In this video, I chat with you about the 7 things not to wear in Paris. As you know, French Chic is about less is more, keeping it simple, and quality not quantity. Please WATCH this video to learn more. Bonjour, I am Marie-Anne Lecoeur, Amazon best-selling author of 'How to be Chic & Elegant' and 'The Tidy Closet', and founder of The French Chic Academy. FRENCH CHIC ecourses: https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/ecourses.html A TOUCH OF CLASS-IC (BRAND NEW!) https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/a-touch-of-class-ic.html FROM FRUMPY TO CHIC https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/from-frumpy-to-chic.html SHOP LIKE A CHIC FRENCH WOMAN https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/shop-like-a-chic-french-woman.html DRESS 10LBS THINNER http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/dress-10-lbs-thinner.html LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/look-10-years-younger.html EAT LIKE A FRENCH WOMAN https://www.marieannelecoeur.com/eat-like-a-french-woman.html FRENCH CHIC PLUS SIZE http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/french-chic-plus-size.html WEAR COLOURS LIKE A FRENCH WOMAN http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/wear-colours-like-a-french-woman.html HOW TO WEAR PRINTS http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/how-to-wear-prints.html MINIMISE A BIG TUMMY http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/minimise-a-big-tummy.html FRENCH CHIC PETITE http://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/french-chic-petite.html BODY SHAPES ecourses https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/body-shape-ecourses.html FREE SHAPE UP! ECOURSE to help you determine which body shape you are: https://www.howtobechicandelegant.com/shape-up-ecourse.html Please SHARE my video, merci 😁 Marie-Anne x
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Text Comments (602)
nina d (1 day ago)
In Paris and evey other place in the world. So the title of this video should be renamed, just for accuracy.
konichiwa 50 (4 days ago)
I agree with #6!!!!!..... gym wear..... yoga pants.. . gym leggings should stay in the gym............ I know....... it's just IMO!!!....... I am from the 80s generation...... what have we been teaching our youth!?....... take the time to dress up......... ??? I miss the football player shoulder pads and Aquanet hair!!!!..... LOL!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 days ago)
Thank you :0)
Fish Lover (6 days ago)
Thank u so much for the video can u please upload videos on elegant dressing styles I want to learn some dressing styles
Fish Lover (5 days ago)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur sure just subscribed :)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (5 days ago)
Please look on my channel as I have many of such videos you will enjoy :0)
James N Brenda (6 days ago)
I completely agree with you. I think I am considered OLD & old fashioned, but, I think America has “dumbed down” on many things and I wish there were a more “humble - pride” in our everyday lives. (Yes, I know that is not a word, and Yes, I am American, and proud to be, and yes, I am older. However, the Bible instructs “the older to teach the younger”). Thank you for sharing.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (5 days ago)
You're welcome :0)
Elle Gowing (7 days ago)
Neon colours - gilets jaune!
Mary Stiles (8 days ago)
I would also say don’t wear clothes that are not well fitting. Baggy clothes or too tight clothes are a no-no. Also don’t wear running shoes unless you are running!
qu cathy (9 days ago)
Style parisien ou élégance tout court ???? Le style actuel est le Gilet Jaune, qui va avec tout, dit Karl Lagerfeld, tellement il est moche. Quant à l'élégance, elle se veut tellement sexy-égalitaire, qu'elle n'a plus de charme. Mon élégance "à moi" est le "linguist spirit". Ne cherchez pas, c'est top secret.
sumi (12 days ago)
This is so cool, cos is actually so serious :))))
Denise Conceicao (14 days ago)
This is a very classy way to dress Up! Unfortunately a lot of people have no ideia of It.
Victoria YS (16 days ago)
You should wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (15 days ago)
Exactement! This is one of the tips in my 1st book HOW TO BE CHIC & ELEGANT: TIPS FROM A FRENCH WOMAN :0)
Jack Saltzberg (19 days ago)
If I was a woman in France I'd wear all ur 7 nonos all together
Peipei Dong (19 days ago)
French women is very simple, elegant, exactly what the world needs while the Kim K fashion become popular among youg girl.
South (21 days ago)
Very interesting! And I quiet agree with your advice.
Kit & Caboodles (22 days ago)
Well, I love neon colors because they are bold and beautiful. I agree with the rest of the list here, but I will never give up my neon colors. They are so perfect and bright.
Wiz (23 days ago)
Paris and France has such a variety of style which is expected from the fashion capital however this video is only for one style and is an example for the cliché French fashion so instead of saying that these are fashion styles you ‘should not wear in France’ it should be changed to ‘what you shouldn’t wear to be Classic French Chic’
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (22 days ago)
This is what my style videos are about: (Classic) French chic. :0)
james clark (23 days ago)
being from the southern us we teach these things in certain social classes we call it being raised right
Kat Parks (24 days ago)
I guess I would be fine in Paris. I follow all these guidelines all the time. I dont wear make up. I do wear one bright color though and it's red my favorite color.
Nothing American basically. How about beach wear, flip flops? Haha. I myself absolutely hate jeans and everything denim. Dont understand how anyone can wear it. Yuck.
nyc anna (25 days ago)
take a shot every time she says “no no”
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (22 days ago)
No no lol
Susan T (29 days ago)
These are general fashion guidelines for any country. I must agree; there is nothing worse than seeing a woman dressed garishly, tacky or inappropriately. It automatically tells the world; that your careless, immature and not very smart. We live in a wonderfully fashion forward world now; with so many chic urban elegant looks. It's hard for me to understand why a women would layer herself in bad choices like: heavy makeup, track suits, stiletto pumps, micro mini skirts / dresses and tacky clothing. Life is too short - to wear "bad" clothing. Dress for success. Classic choices can be urban and very fashion forward; when paired with the right: accessories, boots, shoes, sunglasses and hand bag.
Hahaha Tudia (1 month ago)
haha madame...
E Loisir (1 month ago)
... Dress as you want, ...
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
...and with knowledge on what is flattering :0)
SuperMich66 (1 month ago)
what to wear today in Paris ? ? A YELLOW VEST !!!!!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
Mary Mohagheghi (1 month ago)
In other words dress like a Lady,!!! Just as you do .... You have a lovely temperament that I really admire 💖💖
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
Thank you :0)
Tracy Johnson (1 month ago)
I’m in the United States and hate to admit it, but, it is not unusual to see an individual making all 7 mistakes in one outfit. The horror!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (1 month ago)
sharon mcmann-morelli (2 months ago)
Thanks so much, is it just an American and Asian thing. Love your videos
Androgynous (2 months ago)
Sweatpants can be very elegant and most of all they are so incredible comfortable. In Holland is is very trendy to wear them on a daily basis. I think someone's attitude and radiance are much more important than clothing.
Androgynous (2 months ago)
+Marie-Anne Lecoeur In Holland we call it "sportbroek" or more often a "jogger" . But in y opinion many people are very badly dressed and could look much much better and indeed look dreadful in their SWEATpants. But it often depends on someone' s overweight (!) and bad posture/ attitude and depressed grey faces that they look so terrible. My joggers are tight and i have no overweight ;)
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
I agree with your statement 'someone's attitude and radiance are much more important than clothing.' However, what a pity to hide this radiance with sweatpants. I cannot describe sweatpants as elegant for many reasons, one of which is in the name itself (i.e 'sweat'). :0)
sharon mcmann-morelli (2 months ago)
Very informative. Do many French women have Chanel handbags?
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Not many
Gertie Shaw (2 months ago)
So basically she could have simply said, "Do not dress like a Kardashian."
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
— milkysubs (2 months ago)
i agree with all
Mayte Fernandez (2 months ago)
I luv it I like to dress that way, was an unpleasant surprise to find out how British woman use so much make up fake hair, eye lashes etc etc all the opposite of what I was expecting😯 to be honest no classy 👎🏻 reason why vive la France 🇫🇷 🥰
Olivia Nazareno (2 months ago)
Those things shouldnt be worn anywhere anyways! Too tacky looking ..
vicki duval (2 months ago)
I see people from France quite often in Florida and I've never seen anything special about their style.
Kay Huddleston (2 months ago)
Now if you guys will stop SMOKING. You are adorable though.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (2 months ago)
Thank you Kay. I am proud to say that I am not a smoker and never have been :0)
Tut Secret (2 months ago)
I am classic, but sometimes I like to be extravagant, I am such a bad influence. LOL.
Tut Secret (2 months ago)
You are so cute. No, no, no.
Lenny Mueller (2 months ago)
Thank you I wore normal everyday and when in Paris too , I only use moisturiser, and lipstick
Chris Doore-Taylor (3 months ago)
My mother always told me never ever wear sweatpants or yoga pants in public. They are for the gym. I really hate it when people wear pajamas to the store (you know who your are, LOL).
Saniaa Shah (3 months ago)
So many things I enjoy are a "no-no" :/
LUIS ORTIZ (3 months ago)
And even sunglasses in winter!! Parisians think it’s such faux pa!! Compared to NY that you wear then even at night!! 😎
Leigh-Ann H (3 months ago)
Thank you. Great to know understated style is appreciated.
Yvonne Styhr (3 months ago)
Thank you, we need more French chic style in California.
Jm Haase (3 months ago)
As if we care. Can’t we be ourselves? We’re supposed to dress for the French people?
Carole mclane (3 months ago)
When I was 7 my American mother caught me trying to wear too much jewelry at once and told me not to do that. I think that there is a certain type of American who follows her guidelines exactly. Her advice would work anywhere, especially if you want to be taken seriously
Geneva Juniper (3 months ago)
Pretty good advice actually
Nika Mikano (3 months ago)
Great guidelines for being always elegant! Thank you!
Olga Murray (3 months ago)
After watching this video I just realize that I dressed french style. 😁. I don't like to wear neon colors, no hair extensions, o clothes that are for exercise out of the gym.
Yunita Satrianti (16 days ago)
Olga Murray its not french style. Everywhere in south east asia pretty much dress like that
Connie Fowler (3 months ago)
Bonjour Marie-Anne! J'ai habite Paris tot dans les annes quatre-vingt et je l'adore! Je veux dire que tous ces choses sont du mauvais gout meme chez nous! Je viens de souscrire a votre chaine! Merci! Connie
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (3 months ago)
Merci Connie :0)
M. Brantome (3 months ago)
Thanks for this overview! The very same applies to Germany - wearing this kind of wardrobe suggests that you’re more of a tasteless tart with no true style.
Dru Champion-Payne (3 months ago)
seriously? who has time to be a fashion police ...if i ever go to paris what others are wearing won't even be on my radar and i'll wear whatever feels right for me, thank you.
adelaide (3 months ago)
most american women have tout a fait no style. they shove their enormous backsides into yoga pants, wear their dresses much too short and for the most part, appear to be quite masculine. oh dear! vive la france!
Merlene Taylor (4 months ago)
Love the European style of dress. Simple elegance. When traveling, admire their self confidence which is where their beauty lies. You would walk around America clutching your pearls at the sights.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Sabates D (4 months ago)
Elegance and understatement ... yes! Absolutely superb advice in any culture. I adore French style. It’s terribly sad to see American women often painting their faces like clowns, they have no idea how horrible and fake they look. Not all women do this, but it seems to have become more prevalent in society now. It’s refreshing to be in France and see women secure and comfortable with their natural beauty! Merci! Bisous Bisous!
Mary Mohagheghi (4 months ago)
You are great!,,
Julie Hoffman (4 months ago)
I totally agree.i bet you just love some of the so called celebrities from the States. They are so ridiculous.
lala loom (4 months ago)
I guess i will go to Tokyo instead 🤣
TiaraHelen (4 months ago)
I don't disagree with any of these guidelines for classic chic style, thanks for sharing them. But I don't like that you assume that these are unique to the French and also generalise across "most" French women (all 34+ million of them). There doesn't seem much room for individual self expression in your Paris. Also when you call them "no-no's" and judgementally "forbid" things I want to come to Paris (home of moulin rouge and paradis latin btw) and dance in front of your appartement wearing low cut neon sports wear, high heels, hair extensions and a *lavish* samba headdress!
Christine Maase (4 months ago)
Oh I think your lipstick is too much with red... what's about looking natural... you don't
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Thank you for your comment. :0)
Duy Tran Hoang (4 months ago)
Dress like an adult that all she wants to say.
north shore (4 months ago)
Kim k broke all the rules..
Sumida Ryogoku (4 months ago)
I think most people here in Tokyo dresses so much better than in Paris.
Well I’ve never been there but I feel the same way about everything you mentioned. I think it’s very unattractive when girls or women wear their makeup and it looks like they have racing stripes because they didn’t blend their blush. Anyway thanks for sharing sharing your knowledge. 👍🏻👍🏻💜🦋
Emily Sparks (4 months ago)
These are perfect. So many Americans have no idea and it's embarrassing for those who try to be sensitive to their surroundings! But it seems you have not mentioned shoes. Perhaps you are talking about shoes in another episode. I cannot stand flip-flops, here or abroad. I don't know why they are so popular here! Thank you, Marie-Anne Emily, California
Alexa Walker (4 months ago)
Come to London. You can wear what you like!
berek7000 (4 months ago)
Ouch, poor Camela Soprano, she was such a no no in Paris.
Fabiana Sarti (4 months ago)
In Paris and Milan that are fashion entitled places, locals judge tourists by their looks. In order to avoid theft, scam or mistreatment one must disguise as a local. It is obnoxious, prejudiced and sad but true. Just wear anything black or beige. Or both. And scarves.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
It is this way the world over.
Yai Denduangkeow (4 months ago)
Merci bon journe😃
Irene Kaye (4 months ago)
Wonder what she means by "lavish
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Elaborate, with too much detailing, overly worked.
Angelous 777 (4 months ago)
Those guidelines should apply to all over the world!!! I would never wear any of that neither on France nor to any where.
Tatjana Misailovic (4 months ago)
Subscribed ! Lot of Love !
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Thank you Tatjana :0)
Lisa Tuvalo (4 months ago)
Merci beaucoup! Thank you for your helpful tips. I look forward to traveling there next year.
KR Campbell (4 months ago)
This is classic dressing to my mind and always appropriate as others have mentioned. It is good to think of these guidelines when leaving your house. :>))
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
You are so right, and classic dressing is exactly what French Chic is about :0)
Kathy Buttermore (4 months ago)
I am reading all of the comments with much amusement. Everywhere I go in the city where I live (in America) most people look like slobs. Women wear their "best" mens' t-shirts, poorly fitting jeans OR leggings on asses that nobody should be subjected to see. America should be ashamed of itself. I realize this is a generalization so don't call me out on it, But over my lifetime I've seen self-respect as far as dressing eroding with every decade. It doesn't take any more effort to put on something nice than it does to look like a slob. Come on ladies. Don't use the excuse "I'm American, I can do what I want." Stop eating garbage food. Start exercising. Put on some nice clothes. No excuses. Stop being lazy.
Gabrielle Jones (14 days ago)
You are so right that it doesn't take any more effort to put on something nice. That has always been a motto of mine.
Irene González (4 months ago)
I change with the time, I feel better with long shirts 👚 and some jackets 🧥 and cardigans and scarfs🧣 ... but I think the French look is very chic when you say that, is because they use some things that are very specific things that are great 👍. And are minimalist! 😉. In America we use a lot of clothes! 😩 and we can’t combine like them. 🤫
Louise Shepherd (4 months ago)
Please add flip flops to your list. I am so sick of seeing both women & men wearing these even in chuch.
Pipe Duster (18 hours ago)
Yes agreed. Especially anyone serving at the altar.
Yunita Satrianti (16 days ago)
What if they are poor? Do God judge us by appearance?
Julie Erin (2 months ago)
Agree that these should only be worn at the beach or to a dormitory shower.
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
I love Florida. I have holidayed there 6 times! What a beautiful state, and what a beautiful country you live in :0)
Jeanne Stark (4 months ago)
Florida it is ok . That is us our culture
simpleshoes (4 months ago)
When I travel around the streets of any European city, I’m wearing nice slim black jeans, a little black cardigan, black flats, and small silver earrings. My hair is in a neat ponytail. I carry a black bag. I walk with confidence, I blend in, and I’m often mistaken for a local.
Petra Kann (4 months ago)
Oh dear, there are "things" that we must never wear in public in Paris - in Pareeee.... Oh dear, how frightfully inconvenient
Siren Song Woman (4 months ago)
I wish it was like this here in the U.S., especially regarding too-short hemlines (longer lines elongate the body and make women look more sophisticated, classy), too much makeup, and especially all the hideous fakery (those big, thick, gloppy acrylic nails are UGLY UGLY UGLY). Imagine all the time and money we could save if we went with sophisticated understatement.
agnesbutterbun (4 months ago)
I am an English lady and adhere to these guide lines naturally. Fasion comes and goes Style is constant.
Martha Houshar (4 months ago)
Do you think all this understatement is an overreaction to the extraordinarily ornate, lavish, and some would even say garish decoration of the French architecture that was so popular for centuries? Hotels, castles, public building, museums???? Not exactly toned down there. I happen to think most Parisian women look a bit boring and on no level think they are the most chic and beautiful women in the world. Let them eat cake.
Leslie Craven (4 months ago)
Wonderful suggestions that I try to do in my every day life here on the East Coast in America I don’t really care what other people wear however it is always nice to know what the customs and norms are in foreign places. Perhaps when a person honors the customs they will blend and fit in with the local population and the travel experience is enhanced
Paris Davril (4 months ago)
Je suis née à Paris, j'y reviens très régulièrement pour voir ma famille et je ne crois pas qu'il y ait toutes ces règles et codes vestimentaires que vous décrivez... Surtout depuis une quinzaine d'années....le niveau général a beaucoup baissé et en particulier, je note un relâchement complet dans la façon de s'habiller...tout le monde s'habille comme il veut, du plus BCBG au plus extravagant......et les parisiens se moquent bien des règles en la matière...
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Quel dommage!
Toni Fejer (4 months ago)
Thank you for the advice!
TheKhrishna (4 months ago)
Anna Lisa (4 months ago)
I believe she’s talking about strolling on the avenue in Paris . At a private party I’m sure exotic wear is welcome. Certainly on women under age 35. But when any woman goes around with miniskirts , big cleavage, heavy fake makeup 💄 garish colors... she is seen as tactless, trashy and an easy mark for trashy males to chase... anywhere in the world. N’est ce pas?
Sol Accursio (4 months ago)
No neon colors, no fake lashes or extensions, no heavy makeup, no extravagances.... jeez, you make Paris sound very very boring and "old". Luckily, all the times I got there I saw for myself that it's not that way :)
Olivera Cavic (4 months ago)
Well went to Paris ,people are very natural nothing over the top! I wear whatever I usually wear and I did perfect( even got compliments because I stand out a little ) Lady on the video is right. 🙂 Everything there is been classy.This is way Jackie Kennedy did so well in Paris☺
Sandra Marie Gray (4 months ago)
My first visit to your channel - fabulous. Ready to wander around Paris as I have none of these items in my wardrobe, especially the neon.
Fi Handley (4 months ago)
did the 80s even happen in Paris!?
robiahq (4 months ago)
I have just subscribed...!
cosmicnights (4 months ago)
And Paris should get rid of the beggars, especially the children.
PASwiftUTube (4 months ago)
Sorry but you make the French sound very narrow minded and boring. Glad I didn’t live there. Anne
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
If French women are regarded as inherently chic, we must be doing something right, non? :0)
Rachelle Kebaili (4 months ago)
I’m sure there are women in Paris with hair extensions. As far as dressing modest, classy and not wearing clown-like makeup, that sounds great to me since that’s how I generally dress. Maybe hair extensions that look fake shouldn’t be worn but I think those shouldn’t be worn anywhere. Lol. But if the hair looks natural and pretty, I don’t see why not.
Lenka Randa (4 months ago)
Nice, with most I agree - but also I must mention that I was extremely disappointed with Parisiens behavior to tourist in general "(( Because if you are not perfect French speaker they are very often - rude - unfortunately even in restaurants and cafes... But French people are surprised if in others countries people after visit Paris are on the same way to them....and no willing answer simple question in French ...but why?? same what people in Paris sent to others shout go to them back ...simple and elegant... Paris is beautiful but in my opinion just be "chic" if the behavior is not ok or rude - is just something which sends all GLAMOUR or chic down like nothing else...
Erum Rana (4 months ago)
For people saying that one should wear whatever one feels like and that others should not judge one on what one wears.... well that’s against nature. We humans are programmed to watch, analyse and plan accordingly. If I see a woman in an itsy bitsy, bright coloured dress with her bits hanging out,, wearing heavy make up, accentuated by hair extensions, fake lashes, fake nails and loud accessories.... I will take her to be tacky at best and a streetwalker at worst.... and not just I, any normal decent person would too. Consequently, I will not accord her the same attention or even respect, the I would otherwise give to a decently dressed woman. Like it or not, argue however much you want... but that’s the truth... and no matter how much you yell and shout, deep down you know it too!
Sol Accursio (4 months ago)
you have a very strange idea of "normal decent person" :) if someone (not you, I mean anybody) judges a person by the dress, that person is simply an idiot.
Ashu Billi (4 months ago)
Very helpful! Great video 👍🏼
MsKK909 (4 months ago)
After my first trip to Paris, I stopped wearing clothes with writing on them! I even hate logos on clothes and handbags!
Judy K (4 months ago)
the mini skirt back in the day was worn all over Europe , here in the states gym clothes are worn out all over even to dinner. Plus the most horrendous is people wear their pajamas to the grocery store , to the pharmacy all over out to eat as well. I was so shocked when I first saw that . Do they wear their pajamas in public in France/
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Judy K (4 months ago)
Marie Anne the first time I saw this I worked in in the pharmacy for 27 years ,I was flabbergasted the other employees were laughing at me because I put up such a fuss seeing that they said it is normal roll out of bed with out changing & do your errands & even having dinner in their attire. I am 67 that is something we NEVER would do The other appalling thing is young girls having their breast pierced with dangling earrings walking around with a see thru blouse. My Nanny if she were alive to see that she would have a spell another here in the states is very overweight women walking around with real short shorts,but also having a tube top with their extra fat hanging out like a spare tire around their stomachs with out any shame Also a lot of women here have many many tattoos on their bodies Do the women have tattoos ob their bodies where you live? I am happy my Mom taught me to dress respectively since I was a little girl she will be 90 next year & still dresses so nice . Have a lovely day !!
Marie-Anne Lecoeur (4 months ago)
Err, non! I have not seen pyjamas worn in public over here, nor do I want to see them! Lol ;0)
Deborah Craven (4 months ago)
Hi , I’m sorry to say this but I have been all over France and Paris many times and it’s really not true that French and Parisiennes are more chic than any other country , sorry about that !
Birdsong (4 months ago)
So, don’t dress like a hooker 😂😂👍

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