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How to Dress Like the French - Vanessa Paradis

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Allô! Vanessa Paradis is one of my fashion icons. Watch to see how you can pull off her look. Ne manquez jamais une vidéo! You can subscribe to my channel right here : https://www.youtube.com/c/pardonmyfrenchmaripiermorin?sub_confirmation=1 Photo Credits: David Vasiljevic, Abaca Press, x17online.com, celebitchy.com, Getty Images, Francois Durant, AFPRELAXNEWS
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Text Comments (66)
T M (3 months ago)
"Gorgeous even tho turning 43" wow! Lol!
Indi Rangel (3 months ago)
I am having understanding some words, maybe is just me.
Sascha Vasiliyeva (4 months ago)
In Europe women are still allowed to age with dignity and grace...so yes, she is still considered attractive in her 40s!
deborah chinn (4 months ago)
You, my dear, are an idiot. I sincerely wish I had the two minutes back that I invested in your shallow, inane and self fulfilling upload!
Meg Collins (8 months ago)
She meant more along the lines of looking very good at 43, and obviously english isn't her first language so the way she expressed it didn't quite fit what I'm sure she meant. Did no one else get that? You all think she's being ignorant and frankly every one of you easily offended commenters make me cringe. Things aren't always so black and white!!
Green Tea (6 months ago)
I agree with u. Like duuuuude I was watching her video and reading the comments for fun and I didnt even realize she said that! People are going off for nothing 😒 Like it or not, that sounds like something a lot of people would say, ya know? It's just something one would typically comment on, it happens often in irl. Its a thing. I dont see the problem. It's like saying "oh youre mature for a 16 yo" or "oh youre physically active for a 70 yo".... whether society likes it or not, certain general expectations EXIST of age groups, and of different groups in general (ethnic, cultural, etc.). It's just how the human mind thinks. All this uneccessary cyberbullying on an innocent video im done.....😳
Miomi Jeter (1 year ago)
What is 43 to you little girl? Class is also what comes out of your mouth. Obviously, she has nothing to teach mature women so I stopped the video. I wonder what she will have to say when she turns 43.
Mauricio Varela (1 year ago)
jette req (1 year ago)
you can't go walking for miles in Paris with those heeled boots.
cat leroy (1 year ago)
Honey you look nearly 43 and I don't know your age
hayley s (1 month ago)
cat leroy Nasty much? Your comment is far worse than anything she said.
L A (9 months ago)
And you look jealous. Not a good look.
Kavi Sundar (1 year ago)
haha best comment
Fiche Micro (1 year ago)
ingrid (1 year ago)
What do you mean "she's gorgeous EVEN THOUGH SHE'S TURNING 43"? This comment shows how immature you are. I love Vanessa Paradis, if she was 80~
lihanam 786 (1 year ago)
I hate dark blue skinny jeans. They look so basic
Reet kro (1 year ago)
Goodness 43 is young what on earth r u talking about...!maybe u should be keeping ur opinions well buttoned!
estefania00001 (2 years ago)
where is the black blazer from? I really love it! :)
anita kropp (2 years ago)
i stopped the video as soon as she said the age comment. You can have style but class is earned be careful how you say age related issues or dont say anything at all!
Olivia Mae (1 year ago)
anita kropp I'm totally agreeing with you, Do you know what, that actually made me mad too, what an absolute outrage. It's basically like saying you look good for your age, backhand compliment. Not nice.
Hella Green (2 years ago)
Exactly. An unbelievably shallow and naive thing for her to say.
Charleston Annie (2 years ago)
Laureen Hutton started the teeth gap trend ..
Charleston Annie (1 year ago)
yes, she is one of my favs . she is bold and smart, has her own make up and skin care line . I forgot the name, but she sold it on  QVC all the time .
Reet kro (1 year ago)
Charleston Annie she did? So many people in other countries have gap tooth no big deal🔆
missvvv1 (2 years ago)
where did you get the cape blazer?? love it!!
Elyesa Eyinc (2 years ago)
Does any one could tell what is the music plays behind?
Elvira Gerasimova (2 years ago)
The "red carpet" look is amazing! absolutely in love
reflexion amel (2 years ago)
the best look of Vanessa was in the 90's, specially her Lenny Kravitz's period! baby doll face and amazing clothes!
VK Grace (2 years ago)
where is the blazer from with slits in arms?
Ariela Orellana (2 years ago)
Ariela Orellana (2 years ago)
I like your style! But you home is so outdated and with no style! Is this your Home? It's so no French
justice salana (1 year ago)
seriously ?? -.-
Joe Wi (2 years ago)
Which lipstick do you wear? :)
Kareneeni (2 years ago)
Vanessa Paradis is "gorgeous even though she's turning 43," wow, really?
B Bates (1 year ago)
LOL I suppose French's idea of dressing well is being looking young under the age of 20 then I would rather not dress like the French haha.
karakol86 (1 year ago)
I don't think it was intentional. Sadly in some cultures, particularly in North American cultures and Asian cultures, youth is associated with beauty. It is how we are programmed and I do enjoy seeing all of us recognizing that beauty is not exclusive to women who are under the age of 40.
Susan Schafer (1 year ago)
That comment really caught me too. Oh my gosh. 43 is so young. That's besides the point though. Women can be gorgeous at 80 years old and older – into their hundreds. My great grandmother was 103 and was really beautiful. And I wasn't the only one who thought so – everyone that knew her did. And a woman's beauty really comes from within. That has nothing to do with age. I don't think she said that to be mean. I think she really meant it and she just was not thinking. But I hope these comments will help her realize what we are saying here so that when she is a few years older she does not start to feel bad about herself.
mgparis (2 years ago)
exactly - the *evn though* was totally unnecessary! :X not cool....
Ada Cotto (2 years ago)
Kareneeni, OMG I reminded to check if I was listening right. So to be beautiful one needs to be younger than 43. I didn't subscribe because of that, I am 52 so this is not the channel for me...
On the move (2 years ago)
She and Johnny Depp were never married.
Jordana Cruz (2 years ago)
You look like Sophia Vergara!
wicked lovely (2 years ago)
Vanessa wasn't married to Johnny Depp.
Natasya Ameerah (2 years ago)
you look like adult version of Vanessa's daughter, lily rose depp :D
estefania00001 (2 years ago)
what are you wearing on your lips?
Momo Kokososo (2 years ago)
How to do a low bun?
Sophia Sorensen (2 years ago)
Can anyone tell me how stylish/'trendy' the areas around Villiers, Rome, Porte de Clichy and Batignolles are? Local Parisians-wise (women - and men!)? And what the overall vibe & atmosphere is? I know they are near the fashionable & grand Parc Monceau & 7th Arrondissement, but I want to know about these areas around those stations. Merci!
Lola Who (2 years ago)
Great! My fav Look!
Elisa Benaggoune (2 years ago)
my parents used to say i used to look like her
fluffy puffy (2 years ago)
Hey:) where did you get that blazer from?:)
Algia Ilim (2 years ago)
fluffy puffy et
Ga Black (3 years ago)
Le veston noire vient d'ou??? Merciiii
annabelle7123 (3 years ago)
c'est H&M en faux cuir. aussi dans mon pays. le style n'est pas très classique ni français... mais pas cher.
Sarah Bouchard (3 years ago)
Peut-on savoir d'où vient les vêtements?
Andrea laperle (3 years ago)
d'adore ton style que tu porte trop beau :) xx
Nana Lynna (3 years ago)
love ur channel! love parisian style!
MokaTutu (3 years ago)
You look great!!! Love the makeup and clothes! I'm from Montréal as well so if you could tell or write in the description box where you got the clothes it would be super helpful! Merci ma belle!!
Maggy Ross Comeau (3 years ago)
Is it possible to tell where did you buy the clothes you're talking in your videos? thank you :)
Julie Boucher (3 years ago)
Great video! Where can I find the crop top at the end?
sambamarlene (3 years ago)
Je trouve que ton maquillage est loin de faire français. Tu es trop bronzée, il y a trop de fond de teint, enfin bref. Je suis française et pour moi tu ressembles surtout à une américaine. Le look "Chanelisant" de la fin est pas mal, par contre.
PistolStar (2 years ago)
sambamarlene that's interesting, there are always articles and discussions of how minimalistic the French makeup is, and indeed when you look at TV news presenters or TV talk shows hosts or French actresses, it is minimalistic. But I've been to France many times, in the northern part in Alsace, to Paris many times, south of France, to Lyon, Bordeaux, well, quite a few cities. And I think the normal, everyday French woman wears makeup the same like in other European countries, dresses similarly as well. I didn't see this French minimalism in normal people.
annabelle7123 (3 years ago)
+annabelle7123 pale but fair and pinky, I mean!
annabelle7123 (3 years ago)
I agree but in her other videos she has more natural look and I think that fits her better. she has really nice, white, pale skin.
Alice Trépanier (3 years ago)
Salut Maripier! Je trouve que t'es une super animatrice et j'adore ton style! Je t'aime beaucoup dans Code F et FCCV. Je sais qu'il y a un plus grand potentiel de public en anglais, mais j'aimerais vraiment que tu fasses des vidéos en français (je ne suis pas la seule, jsuis sûre!) Tu serais plus fluide en français et tu serais plus à l'aise aussi! On aime quand tu fais des blagues et quand tu es "fofolle", mais on dirait que la barrière de langue t'empêche de l'être en anglais! Bref, je vais continuer à t'aimer et à t'écouter quand même :) xox
Tdot (3 years ago)
Hey MP just wanted to let you know the sound is a bit choppy. Can't wait to see more videos and Hockey wives !!! :D

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