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Paul Mitchell Marula Oil - Is It As Good As Moroccan Oil?

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I review the Rare Oil Treatment, Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque that I have been using. See how it stacks up to Moroccan Oil! *********************MORE INFO BELOW******************** Connect with me on social media! Instagram: @yayornaynicole Twitter: @yayornaynicole Periscope: @yayornaynicole or @yaynicole (for some weird reason I have two usernames but both work for my account) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++­+++++++ Recent Videos: IT Cosmetics Limited Edition Heavenly Luxe 6 Pc. Brush Set with Travel Case & Bye Bye Undereye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVHIShPBP7w Huge Triple Review: $10 Ipsy, $21 Glossybox & Boxycharm w/Cost Analysis- October 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfWelcrEhxU Glossybox vs. Boxycharm: Unboxing, Product Reviews + Cost Analysis September 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9KqNjn9Hd4 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++­+++++++ My discount codes and referral links (I get credit or points if you sign up) in case you are interested (only companies I like BTW): HelloFresh meals. For $40 off your 1st box, use code BZCC54 or use this link: http://www.hellofresh.com/?c=BZCC54 $10 off of your first Rachel Zoe Box Of Style: http://fbuy.me/cSZ3D Little Lace Box: http://littlelacebox.com?rfsn=86672.6505 FabFitFun: Get $10 off of your first box using this link: http://xo.fff.me/cybJy. GlossyBox: http://www.glossybox.com/referal?CI=MTU2ODE1 Boxycharm: http://bit.ly/1N9tqRN HauteLook http://www.hautelook.com/invite/NSanchez184 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #PaulMItchell #MarulaOil #Hair #Beauty
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Text Comments (26)
brenda corona (7 months ago)
You should be putting a few drops into the mask before you apply it to your hair (not in the container) for best results
YayOrNayNicole (7 months ago)
Great idea Brenda!!!
Rachel Weitzen (8 months ago)
If you have fine hair, I would not put on hair. You would use the oil on your skin to keep smooth and as a moisturizer. MarulaOil is more for Coarse dry hair. Fine hair but lots of it? Light MarulaOil. Fine / Full hair keep hydrated and keep away from heavy oils in scalp!
SWTPEA (1 month ago)
Paul Mitchell makes a version for fine hair.
mariajosee segovia (1 year ago)
I'd like to know how to use the mask please. 😚
mariajosee segovia (1 year ago)
YayOrNayNicole thank you so much!!!
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi, I use it one of two ways, I wash my hair and then gently squeeze out as much water as I can and then put the mask on and leave it on while I shave etc. leaving it on as long as possible, then I rinse it out. If I have more time and want a deeper treatment, I wash my hair, get out of the shower and let it dry about 30 - 50%, then I put the mask on with a plastic shower cap on top and then leave it on for a half hour. I try to use Paul Mitchell clarifying #2 shampoo (safe for color treated) or something like that before if possible. I hope that helps! :)
Jordan Tryba (1 year ago)
you already seem to have amazing skin but i use the oil on my face and its clearing up my acne!! About 4 girls with beautiful skin told me they use it on their face at night and i was super skeptical to try it, but its clearing up my acne tremendously!
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi Jordan, Thanks so much! Wow, that is good to know. I have always rubbed any extra onto my hands or arms or legs but have never tried it on my face. Thanks for the tip! Have a wonderful day!
Nylah A (2 years ago)
Which mask is better Nicole the Moroccan oil brand hair mask or the rare oil hair mask
Kathi Sanger (2 years ago)
Nicole, you should know they have a light version of the oil too..
YayOrNayNicole (2 years ago)
Great to know. I got mine quite a while ago. Thanks Kathi!
Lpg 8 (2 years ago)
I don't know if you know this, but the moroccanoil (brand) has other chemicals in it, it is not 100% moroccanoil.  The Marula Oil from Paul Mitchell is 100% marula oil.  Just an FYI.
YayOrNayNicole (2 years ago)
This is great to know about the Paul Mitchell Marula oil! Thank you for sharing! :)
Katerina Naumova (2 years ago)
Thank you very much! Your diction and pronunciation is excellent! I don't know English very well, but I understand all your speech
YayOrNayNicole (2 years ago)
+Katerina Naumova Hi Katerina, Why thank you so much for the nice complement! I am glad you enjoyed the video. <3 Nicole
felinekj (3 years ago)
I don't think anything will ever take me away from the MoroccanOil brand. :-) I told my Mom not to get me hooked on an expensive shampoo & conditioner but she did. I have been using it for about 3 years, maybe more. I have never had such healthy hair! I use the extra volume ones. Though with my hair there is no volume without a LOT of extra products! I may use another shampoo to "strip" or shake things up about once a month. But I love MoraccanOil products!!! However, I buy the actual oil (for my ends as a "mask") from a vitamin company online. It's 100 % Argan oil and not very expensive. I was wondering about the Marula oil. Thank u for talking about this. I love the Paul Mitchell company. They use great ingredients and they r "Cruelty Free". :-)
felinekj (3 years ago)
+Yay or Nay Nicole The brand I use is from Now Foods (or Now Solutions), they r cruelty free, the oil is organic and manufactured in they US. I get their oils online through Amazon typically but u can go to their website. I believe the brand is in health food stores too. I have also purchased VoilaVe brand. I think I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply. But I like the Now brand and have bought other oils of that brand too. It is 100% Argan Oil so it is thick. I usually add it to a bit of conditioner or coconut oil before I add it to my ends.
YayOrNayNicole (3 years ago)
+felinekj I agree. Moroccan Oil is the bomb. I have both the moisturizing and the volumizing. I alternate depending on my hair. I just shot a volumizing hair products review so I'll have that up soon. I use a chelating shampoo every few weeks too. Nice to know that there is another argan oil alternative! Which company is it?
HelenLuvs2Laugh (3 years ago)
Good to know, Nicole! I have very thick curly hair in a humid climate and have been thinking about re-purchasing the Moroccan Oil styling cream, but wanted to try a few other things first.
YayOrNayNicole (3 years ago)
+HelenLuvs2Laugh I do really like this a lot. Still pricey but makes such a difference in my hair. <3 Nicole
Susana Garcia Cantu (3 years ago)
I've never tried marula oil products.... In fact in ever heard about them until now, I'll have to keep an eye for that. I do however have tried it in a different form and LOVED IT!!!! I have tried it in the plant form (sort of) the Amarula liquor!!!! It's delicious sort of like Bailey's mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Lol!!!!!
felinekj (3 years ago)
+Susana Garcia Cantu Ooh I like how u use it! : ))
YayOrNayNicole (3 years ago)
+Susana Garcia Cantu Yum yum that sounds like a much more fun way to try it Susana!!! xoxoxo Nicole
Susan W (3 years ago)
First I have to say you are looking extra gorgeous today! I do love hair oils because my hair is so thick they are just wonderful for my dry hair, the only thing is 7 oz bottles do not seem like much for my hair, even though I only wash my hair once, maybe twice a week, it takes a lot of shampoo because it is so long and that masque looks very nice too! I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start my friend! Love and Hugs! XOXO
YayOrNayNicole (3 years ago)
+Susan W Thanks Susan! You do have lovely hair. It is so full and pretty when it is down. I can see how it would take a lot of work and product! WOrk is so crazy this week I am behind on my comments but I think I am finally going to go to bed now. Have a great one! :)

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