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Pilatesology Ten Minutes of Magic (Circle) Workout

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http://www.pilatesology.com Alisa offers another action-packed quick workout, this time using the Magic Circle. It's hard to pretend you don't have time to work out when you can fit so much great stuff into just 10 short minutes! There's no waiting for explanations in this session, you'll simply learn by moving with Alisa's simple, direct cues. This Intermediate workout is especially good for toning the core and preparing for sports of any kind.
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Text Comments (15)
Dana (4 months ago)
What magic circle is used in the video?
PILATESOLOGY (4 months ago)
of course <3
Dana (4 months ago)
PILATESOLOGY thank you so much !
PILATESOLOGY (4 months ago)
Here is a like to the magic circle we use ::) https://pilatesology.com/product-category/props/
magicbindi (11 months ago)
This is the best pilates magic circle workout on you tube and I have watched them all, thank you Alisa!!
PILATESOLOGY (1 year ago)
Hey sylrider, we use Sony UWP lav mic for our videos. Thanks for watching!
sylrider (1 year ago)
Great video! The sound quality is really good! What microphone are you using please?
Footboy Boogie (1 year ago)
love those gorgeous feet in front of that mirror. pretty pink soles
muito bom!
Cuestarriba (2 years ago)
Great S2 workout!
Natassia Levine (4 years ago)
This is an EXCELLENT refresher course for my latest CEUs (I'm new). Thank you so much!! 
hybrydy stopy Kasia (5 months ago)
Natassia Levine
Lissi Star (5 years ago)
I did almost this exact workout tonight in my basic class. It isn't as hard as it looks, and you get used to it very quickly if you keep doing it
IH1604 (5 years ago)
Great workout... clearly not for beginners
j femonanon (5 years ago)
"using your stomach".....lol...don't think that material is going to digest very well why do people say that? how can you use an internal organ to exercise?

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