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Luxor Box June 2017 Special Edition Subscription Box Unboxing

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Luxor Box: https://www.ayearofboxes.com/box/luxor-box/ Blog Review: https://www.ayearofboxes.com/subscription-box-reviews/june-special-edition-luxor-box-review-best-of-the-best/ Luxor Box is described as “Luxurious Discoveries”. Every-other-month they curate a selection of 5-9 full-size, hand-picked, products with a value of $275+ per delivery. They like to feature unique and up-and-coming brands. Their surprise selections will range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. They kindly sent us this box for review. Subscription Box Directory: https://www.ayearofboxes.com/boxes/ Subscription Box Reviews: https://www.ayearofboxes.com/reviews/ Subscription Box Coupon Codes: https://www.ayearofboxes.com/coupons/ Subscription Box Spoilers: https://www.ayearofboxes.com/spoilers/
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Jeannie Kartis (4 months ago)
I'm late to the party but love the vid and items are gorgeous but try Rachel Zoe's box....very high end, 4 times a year , 100 $ a box....
A Year of Boxes (3 months ago)
I just filmed an unboxing for the latest Box of Style. I will try to post it today:)
Ys (1 year ago)
$400? That is unreal! For a scarf, a candle, a watch, a soap dish set with three soaps and a tumbler (a cup). $400! The watch is ok but would never pay $300. And the candle is nice but again, I would never pay that price. I always ask myself, Would I buy any of those items if I saw them in a store? My answer is no! I'm shocked that people pay $400 for this! And obv a lot of people as it is sold out . I just don't get it.
A Year of Boxes (1 year ago)
I guess it depends on what you are looking for :)
Joanna T (1 year ago)
Meh, really overpriced products for what they are! I'll go to a store and get luxe products I actually want for that price. Love your videos though!
A Year of Boxes (1 year ago)
Thank you, and love the honest opinion:)
sunnydayforever1 (1 year ago)
I love your reviews so please don't be offended when I tell you ,there's not a snowballs chance in h^&^ I would ever pay that for those items! Everything is way way over priced. I've seen better Fab fit fun,and Popsugar boxes to be honest.But thank you for dong the review : )
sunnydayforever1 (1 year ago)
Agreed :)
T. Beaster (1 year ago)
sunnydayforever1 agree. The words "value" and "price" are used interchangeably but are actually not at all synonymous.
A Year of Boxes (1 year ago)
Not offended at all! I love the honest feedback:)
Maggie Santos (1 year ago)
You keep saying "pretty"... but this box is astonishing, perfect, stunning, amazing, chic, stylish, fabulous - OMG - it's everything!! The BEST box you could EVER receive!
A Year of Boxes (1 year ago)
I get stuck on certain words sometimes, lol:) Isn't it a gorgeous box. I was really impressed with the watch.

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