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THE BEST PRICELINE EXPRESS DEALS HACK! Save $$$ & Figure Out Which Hotel You Are Getting!

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❤ OPEN FOR MORE INFO❤ Want to save 50 - 60% on hotels? Worried about using Priceline Express Deals because you won't know which hotel you are getting until AFTER you have paid? Let me show you how to figure it out, plus I do a live tutorial where I use this technique and book a room. ****************************************************************** Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & Periscope: @YayOrNayNicole and find me on Facebook at: http://on.fb.me/1KtrX8l ****************************************************************** Recent Videos: MODA PRISMATIC FACE PERFECTING KIT | Artis Brush Dupes At Walmart? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcR8Z-6bswQ The best 3 ingredient appetizer ever! Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies - Recipe & Demo https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=PVgCiQBOyaM IPSY GENERATION BEAUTY LA SWAG BAG UNBAGGING & WHAT ELSE THE BRANDS GAVE OUT! GEN BEAUTY 2017 | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFcilPtq-nY ****************************************************************** My discount codes & referral links for companies I really like (I get credit or points if you sign up): eBates: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=BLRJzMRLyiCdJplrRqKSVQ%3D%3D&eeid=28187 Hello Fresh meals. For $40 off your 1st box, use code S2L9EV or this link: www.hellofresh.com/raf-helloshare/?c=S2L9EV Gobble 10-minute gourmet dinner kits: Get your first kit free using this link: https://gobble.com/invites/G0BQtxlEs $10 off of your first Rachel Zoe Box Of Style: http://fbuy.me/cSZ3D FabFitFun: Get $10 off of your first box using this link: http://xo.fff.me/cybJy. GlossyBox: http://www.glossybox.com/referal?CI=M... Boxycharm: http://bit.ly/1N9tqRN HauteLook: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/NSanc... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++­+++++++ #Priceline #PricelineExpressDeal #Travel #CheapHotel
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Text Comments (12)
murray christiansen (1 month ago)
Your S es drive me nuts , Drill a hole in your tongue or some shit
Kevin Hewitt (2 months ago)
Not sure how or why you'd call this the " best express deal hack" it's just not
Rohit Kumar (4 months ago)
Can u make video on express deals on international flights on priceline!!!!!
MrBinaryoptions (9 months ago)
Update they don't show old price but they do show how much off in % you get. So same concept . Looking at an express deal says 38% off pay $89 If you do the same kind of digging you can figure out $145 regular rate x 38% off that and you are right at that $89. So an extra step but if you are good at math (or just have a calculator you can figure it out.
YayOrNayNicole (9 months ago)
Hi, So I just booked on Priceline yesterday and saw that and that is exactly what I did. I'll totally do the math to save money. So glad we can still figure it out. Hope you had a great weekend! :)
Roman Sha (1 year ago)
Priceline sucks((( customer service bad rep on phone hardly speaks English ((((
JHamilton (1 year ago)
Unfortunately It looks like Priceline no longer shows the "was" price on the Express Deals.
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Oh bummer. Well you may still be able to figure it out by looking at the star level, area and amenities. Thanks for watching! :)
Benjamin Black (1 year ago)
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spaceecko (1 year ago)
this technique doesn't work, they don't always tell you the original price
bitsoflovely (1 year ago)
Priceline is really great. I've never used express deals but have gotten some awesome deals on 4 star hotels through bidding. It's kind of fun :)
Sara G. (1 year ago)
Excellent! And clever. Thank you! I've always been a little afraid to use Priceline. Looking forward to your video on bidding. 👍🏻

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