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Indian Flute Meditation Music || Pure Positive Vibes || Instrumental Music for Meditation and Yoga

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A Very Pure and Amazingly Beautiful, Indian Flute Music, featuring Raag Ahir Bhairav. Pure Positive Vibes. This Raaga is a Morning Meditation Raag and thus apt to be used as background for your early morning meditation and Yoga Practice. Single : Tantra Flute (Indian Flute Meditation Music) is now available on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/tantra-flute-indian-flute-meditation-music/1270633550 Copyright ⓒ 2017 Meditative Mind. All Rights Reserved.
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Healing Moments (1 year ago)
The greatest thing about where my life is right now is it's very relaxed and chill. I'm just hanging out, being myself and doing my work.
sameer9may84 (1 month ago)
Merd Güm ! (1 month ago)
@Allan Pramudyanto Thank you for your sincere wishes. I'll keep doing that one thing with a difference. I'll do it calmly & peacefully.
Allan Pramudyanto (1 month ago)
+Merd Güm ! what ever world thrown at you, it is not in your hands. What ever wolrd making at you, it is not in your decision. But, what are you going to do, it is 100% in your hands. Keep doing one thing and keep doing. I hope you can successful
solasnova (1 month ago)
I actually am, much closer to it than when I wrote it. Thank you for this reminder!
Wldflwrgrl (27 minutes ago)
Thank you for this beautiful music. After my workout this morning, at the gym no less, I found a quiet corner of an empty room and I brought you with me and through my yoga practice and through your music, I was softened and opened and released into bliss and ooohhh how my spirit has soared. Much love and appreciation. Thank you 🙏💖
Ismail Kerimli (8 hours ago)
Octave Achébelle (1 day ago)
Every day, a little bit of this beautiful and peaceful music, such luminous in our days of darkness. THANKS A LOT !!!
Fergal O'Connor (2 days ago)
Love this music , check this out, a song to soothe https://youtu.be/y_hsSmtEHic
Nicholas Reed (4 days ago)
Wow relaxing.
Agnes Ermeneux (5 days ago)
Très belle musique de détente, ça fait très fin 19eme siècle.
Jeffery Barmann (6 days ago)
Tantra Yoga is sexual energy yoga if I recall correctly.
rajeev yadav (1 day ago)
Wrong western world potray this to read kamasutra but Tantra sadhna is worship of lord shiva and shakti.if anyone can do this in proper way he will have great magical power enlighten person.this worship is Very sacred.even 99% hindu can't understand very well.only naga sadhus and aghori do this worship
that is the wake up call of my soul, so long have we slept my lord but now i want to go on through the dark night of my soul, i implore you for healing and forgiveness
*love from arabia* )_: Im crying
TheBile (7 days ago)
Rapaz pense num instante de transe meditativo que eu entrei aqui.
Scott (7 days ago)
Listened to this. Mediated.
Scott (7 days ago)
We all seek meaning. A purpose. It is within and without each of us. Self defined yet imposed. Is it sacrifice or suffering? Search for happiness is fruitless. Maybe it’s the true and absolute pursuit of proper meaning that is the hardest of all to attempt
dimitris karaganis (7 days ago)
who is the flute player? !!
MANAN PATEL (8 days ago)
Proud to be indian because of varied culture and tradition
Kajutso sw (9 days ago)
Beste Video jungs
Kim malhans (9 days ago)
Good music
shakur larry (9 days ago)
I was sad 100% I couldn't sleep all night. But this music make feel like I am happiness man in world. (Thanks )
Rod L. (9 days ago)
Indian history of spirituality and its music is rich and beautiful indeed. But some are right to raise social issues of status of women and extremes of poverty and wealth. Terrible accounts of rape by some, and many Indians (probably most) horrified and angry at it too. The media only show the bad stuff. And for holier than thou Americans, India gets outdone by the constant slaughter in US by uncontrolled proliferation of guns. Not that pack rape is unknown in US either. The world needs more of this music and what it stands for. Thank you to both India and the U.S. for all the good and positive people that outnumber the bad, sick, ignorant, or just evil. Namaste.
Varan Anand (9 days ago)
I hope one day there will be time machine and i will travel to Mughal era(RajaManSinghTomar period )when classical was at peak...
Kiruba Cdm (11 days ago)
i love this music
Divyanshu Singh (11 days ago)
which raga? anyone please!!
Li Li (11 days ago)
D D Kua (11 days ago)
Super beautiful 💣💣💣👍👍👏👏💖💖💖💗💗
Manuel Lafuente (12 days ago)
Que musica mas relajante.
Norman1951 Norman (13 days ago)
Touches my inner being. Haunting perhaps? Beyond description. I feel the accumulated Hindu wisdom of millennia.
Dennis Rodic (14 days ago)
India, beware your culture and origin, and all what Sanskrit has to tell us !! An croatian boy from difficult Germany :) Love to India people and our mother earth... soon I will visit our motherland India
María Servant (14 days ago)
Namaste maestro!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🎼
Anjali Srinivas (14 days ago)
I love listening to flute. This is one of the best flute music I have heard. Soooo deep! I would be very happy to know the artist name. Having travelled over different places, I can say India is truly incredible. Its just beyond description to me.
Ustad Moinuddin Khan playing thumri https://youtu.be/Wd_c99olaVw
Leosurious (15 days ago)
Superb I never heard this type of sound Parlokik
Flo Telip (15 days ago)
janet atherton (16 days ago)
hi can anyone tell me were i can buy this cd from many thanks
Armando Montejano (17 days ago)
muy bueno el video BEAUTIHULL,,,,,
Alex Torres (17 days ago)
Make Mosul great again.
juancito blas (18 days ago)
LIke, like... and like...!
Ervin Asturias (19 days ago)
Shivan Anirudhra (19 days ago)
Show your appreciation for Hindu culture... Leading the world once again
Mama Loula (19 days ago)
$10 to anyone who can legit help me find a pink coat like this.. please.
Zoé Amy (19 days ago)
Que c'est beau !!! Merci de ce moment magique. Namasté✨✨✨💕🌿🙏🌿💕✨✨✨
annam sangeetha (20 days ago)
peaceful music......I feel lyk I'm in heaven
TBoy205 (23 days ago)
where’s the flute? i just see a guy whistling weird
Viny Hund (23 days ago)
Essa chapa
Human Being (24 days ago)
Beautiful my country with relaxing flute sounds lovely India
Avl Hi (24 days ago)
Tanya (24 days ago)
Mega!!Thank you so much for such a gift!
vividesigns (25 days ago)
When you get an AD in the middle of a meditation video that's a MIND F*CK. A REAL MIND F*CK. I don't understand why YOUTUBE with all their advanced Machine Learning algorithms can't work this out.
Dipak Warade (22 days ago)
Thank you for such great work! I'm experiencing a love of god :)
Dr Manish (26 days ago)
Mika (26 days ago)
I do LOVE some part of slightl nrj flyin', around like deep flute :-) Thank YOU
Kavichandra Das (26 days ago)
Serene n Shantidayak!...The biggest relief is that there r no adds in between! Thanks!!
Xutezka (27 days ago)
I like it's 😻😺
Arun Saini (28 days ago)
wow........ After all i find my peace !
MsZaban mangat (1 month ago)
Nothing about hindusam or religion. This is deep soul music. This sound, this art feeding my soul❤️
MsZaban mangat (22 days ago)
Mr Ravi singh u need to be more educated to understand my thought.
Ravi Singh (22 days ago)
It's you who is bringing religion here , deep down you are obsessed with Religion Namaste
Declan Cooper (1 month ago)
ooga booga
Jean Patrice Assaiante (1 month ago)
A fabulous moment, a reconnection with the universe, under the dance and the music of the great whole, makes it possible to immerse oneself in the divine light and to recharge oneself in positive energy in order to transcend it in pure love, reconstructive, beneficial for oneself and the others, a great moment where we bathe in the simplicity of happiness that life offers us when we decide to accept it with open arms ... thank you for this key that opens these wonderful doors
LIX 59 (1 month ago)
It would take a load of shampoo and creme rinse on this dudes hair.. Jesus Hair !
natalie roberts (1 month ago)
Mitzi Montoya (1 month ago)
Desde Chile🇨🇱escuchando está maravilla, aquieta mi mente y mi corazón❤gracias✨✨
Dillon Rogers (1 month ago)
hail the holiness Dali lama
AG Ehrli (1 month ago)
It certainly soothes my mind and spirit from the daily noise and calms my thoughts and focuses my feelings.
amer diaba (1 month ago)
اللهم صل🌼 وسلم 🌼وبارك🌼 على سيدنا محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا محمد 🌼كما صليت🌼 وسلمت🌼 وباركت 🌼على سيدنا إبراهيم🌼 وعلى آل 🌼سيدنا إبراهيم 🌼في العالمين🌼 إنك حميد مجيد 🌼
Rahul Vats (1 month ago)
Past Life journey in an hour.
Agnes Ermeneux (1 month ago)
Je suis en Inde au 19e siècle fin du 19e siècle je me laisse transporter au gré du vent des vagues c'est beau cette musique est très belle quel repos pour le cerveau bien sûr je pars de la relaxation
Kashif Ali (1 month ago)
Very Beautiful 🙏
Abhishek Mittal (1 month ago)
Belinda Elisa (1 month ago)
Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)
Al Resha Alpha Piscium (1 month ago)
Is it played on a bansuri?
Meditative Mind (1 month ago)
Yes. Many Blessings!!
anil tatre (1 month ago)
Lenora Tooher (1 month ago)
Playing it again. My Self wants the peace as I am out of traffic, at home and grateful to just be. May this music spread, calm lives and bring peace to all that hear it. Namaste.
Hare Krishna (1 month ago)
I wanna see this holy saint in 1080 pixel 😑😑
Dr. SUNIL DEV Khanna (1 month ago)
I am a mind power trainer. Dr Sunil Dev Khanna From www.samajyog.com. This is the best music for mental peace and for meditation also. This music can be very help ful to cure many physical and mental problems with the help of a trainner. My salute to the flute player. Salute. salute .& Salute. Regards sir.
Cek parov (1 month ago)
Müziğinize sokam açın arap şükrü dinleyin de görün müzik nasıl olur ammın evlatları
yogita rathore (1 month ago)
On namah shivay
R P (1 month ago)
Look at this monk continues while listening this
Meowmix (1 month ago)
Love the bit in the middle where the guy stands up and does the Macarena dance! Amazing!
Rahul Yadav (1 month ago)
Hindus say , "ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti" "The Truth is one , But Paths are many" 1.We Hindus worship Idol , do meditation and chat name Which is neccessary for this phase of time(KALIYUG) . 2. We Never force anyone to worship Idol , do Mediation and Chant name . 3. Goal of Hindu's are MOKSHA and NIRAVANA .ie Liberation from the cycle of Birth , Death. 4. We dont Believe in HELL OR HEAVEN . We Believe in Reincarnation . Which is based on ones KARMA . 5. We Hindus believe in God is inside you as ATMAN . second he is everywhere (BRAHMAN).. . Meditation------------------------------------------ 00
Fred Smith (4 days ago)
well said
Accurate. The last point - god is everything and everywhere, explains why we hindus consider trees, mountains, animals etc godly. Anything that in some way, directly or indirectly, is useful to us or helping us the humankind, we consider them as God ❤ such beautiful is my dharma ❤
Kishan Peddulwar (17 days ago)
absolutely right
Human Being (24 days ago)
I agree
la rose (1 month ago)
Sabyasachi Shaw (1 month ago)
To the people ,creators , and everyone involved really heart touching . Personally speaking on behalf of depressed soul ...THANK YOU ...
Gaurab Dutta (1 month ago)
I m in bliss, its nothing but state of no need
Tyron Rossouw (1 month ago)
Sadhguru vibes.
Dhanya Maveli (1 month ago)
it feels the time has paused flowing... if you close your eye and listen to it carefully, you will realise that you and the universe is One. Everyone and every thing in this universe is singular. Somethings has to be understood with eyes closed than opened.
Юра Павлов (1 month ago)
Flo Telip (1 month ago)
26:50 ❤️❤️❤️
Gucci Mane the G (1 month ago)
Oh my god , his brain is on his head!!!!
Anonymous (1 month ago)
Nice joke!😂😂 (No disrespect)
Priya Kumari (1 month ago)
Wonderful music...my soul wander along with the flute...hats off to the one who played it..lots of love💖
rafael gimenez (1 month ago)
Esta es una charla muy racista...... Europeos hablando en ingles como Indios hablando en ingles, ¿porque no hablan en sánscrito ya que son tal cool? forros!!!
Lizzy E (1 month ago)
This is just Bliss!
Luis Enrique Bocanegra (1 month ago)
Good trip crazy October 2018
Osm ,😇😇😇
AsiA I. (1 month ago)
it's tom araya off SlayeR hes going to sing some war ensemble
Pedro Scallia (1 month ago)
Enjoy, be enchanted with existence! The manifestation of the divine is everywhere. Just open your eyes and experience the mystery!
pulz 01 (1 month ago)
Beautiful! Thank you. May God bless you. Give you peace and serenity to accept things as is.
Majd Mosa (1 month ago)
am i the only one who feels sad while listening to this
SRI SARADANANDA (1 month ago)
THIS MUSIC IS IN THE "A" 440 Hz RANGE. Just so you know. It is easy to test these "Relaxation Videos" with a Chromatic Tuner. I just saw them for as little as $15. online. I now only listen to Non A 440 music whenever possible. I have the tuner set up by the speaker and have it set at 440 Hz. Push the button and you know.The frequency is not good for humans.
shahbazali sherdi (1 month ago)
Kadir Küçük (1 month ago)
Beautiful country india and beautiful music .from turkey.selam
osho sagar (1 month ago)
*I love my India 🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪*
Olga Silva (1 month ago)
Wow, que tranquilo pero energético a la vez ❤🙏
Deadiez (1 month ago)
i hate india
lol (1 month ago)
Get well soon

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