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Fitball Athletic Mat Pilates Flow with Fiona Hermanutz

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Grab that stability ball and a mat and join trainer Fiona for a 55 minute fully cued athletic flow class. You will need mat, ball, and wall for this class! Get ready to burn :) Dont forget to follow us on IG at #mfandpilates or check out our web site at www.mobilefitnessandpilates.com for our teacher training information .
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Elisa Gil (2 months ago)
Elisa Gil thanks!!!!💕
Оксана Месропова 💕😊🙏🏻
j kos (2 months ago)
Challenging but great! Thank you 👍have you ever taught a pre-natal Pilates class? Im 12 weeks preg and soon will have to adjust my mat practice but I just love your athletic flows 😭😀
j kos (2 months ago)
+Mobile Fitness and Pilates Studio Fiona Hermanutz wow that's impressive! I certainly will keep movin' 😀 Cheers :)
j kos congrats. I taught right up to my delivery date. You will need to modify things a bit but don’t stop moving! Get the 👍 from your doctor. Lots of options 💕💕💕
CrossingTheDelebear (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed the tower and barrel exercises adapted for the ball - a nice change, and challenge. Thanks!
CrossingTheDelebear your welcome! I had fun converting a few patterns from apparatus to the ball💕💕💕
Майкл Майкл (2 months ago)
Майкл Майкл 💕💕💕
Pam Hanna (2 months ago)
Another excellent workout from you. It is hard for me to pick a favorite since each one you do is my new favorite:) This is outstanding. I appreciate your talents, thank you, Pam
Thanks Pam! Such a sweet comment💕. I had fun doing this one and adding a bit more athletic patterns for the legs. Grab a set of weights with the wall parts on legs for an added bang 🤓

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