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Fitball Athletic Mat Pilates Flow with Fiona Hermanutz

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Grab that stability ball and a mat and join trainer Fiona for a 55 minute fully cued athletic flow class. You will need mat, ball, and wall for this class! Get ready to burn :) Dont forget to follow us on IG at #mfandpilates or check out our web site at www.mobilefitnessandpilates.com for our teacher training information .
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Cynthia Paz (1 month ago)
Excellent workout!
Cynthia Paz thank you. 👍💕💕💕
bbb sep (3 months ago)
Very dedicated instructor! There is no nonsense or superficial 'speech' in your videos, but you still radiate an encouraging and positive vibe throughout the training. Thank you very much for posting these awesome exercises. They are super effective!
bbb sep thank you!!! I am so glad you find it encouraging 💕💕💕 that’s a fabulous compliment 🤗
bbb sep thank you!!! I am so glad you find it encouraging 💕💕💕 that’s a fabulous compliment 🤗
Elisa Gil (8 months ago)
Elisa Gil thanks!!!!💕
Оксана Месропова 💕😊🙏🏻
j kos (8 months ago)
Challenging but great! Thank you 👍have you ever taught a pre-natal Pilates class? Im 12 weeks preg and soon will have to adjust my mat practice but I just love your athletic flows 😭😀
Sooo - how far along are you now or have you had your little one! Just reading back over comments. Hope you were able to keep moving throughout the entire pregnancy
j kos (8 months ago)
+Mobile Fitness and Pilates Studio Fiona Hermanutz wow that's impressive! I certainly will keep movin' 😀 Cheers :)
j kos congrats. I taught right up to my delivery date. You will need to modify things a bit but don’t stop moving! Get the 👍 from your doctor. Lots of options 💕💕💕
CrossingTheDelebear (8 months ago)
I really enjoyed the tower and barrel exercises adapted for the ball - a nice change, and challenge. Thanks!
CrossingTheDelebear your welcome! I had fun converting a few patterns from apparatus to the ball💕💕💕
Майкл Майкл (8 months ago)
Майкл Майкл 💕💕💕
Pam Hanna (8 months ago)
Another excellent workout from you. It is hard for me to pick a favorite since each one you do is my new favorite:) This is outstanding. I appreciate your talents, thank you, Pam
Thanks Pam! Such a sweet comment💕. I had fun doing this one and adding a bit more athletic patterns for the legs. Grab a set of weights with the wall parts on legs for an added bang 🤓

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