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Rachel Zoe Box Of Style | Spring 2019

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Welcome to my Channel! **Get $15 off of your first box here: http://fbuy.me/jKNXY What did you think of the box? My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/subboxlover/ For business Inquiries please reach out to [email protected] FTC disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links
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Text Comments (36)
Artsy Cupcake (2 days ago)
Yay! I just did my box of style unboxing too! I love the scarf you got - maybe better than the one I got! 🍰💕Maria
Brook (4 days ago)
Being an annual subscriber do you pay that all at once or just you have the subscription yearly and still pay it each time
SubBox Lover (4 days ago)
You pay all at once
Wicked Jenn (5 days ago)
Cause box one has a pen/card/iPad slots in it..I’m on the fence if I want it though cuz it also has a scarf and stuff I won’t use 🤔🙃
Susan Hornsby (6 days ago)
I checked up on the spoilers and then cancelled this time. Nothing I needed or wanted in the entire box. The last (Winter) box was wonderful.
Tamra Smith (6 days ago)
The Amazon Echo Look retails for $99.99.
BethsSubLover (6 days ago)
Nice unboxing I like the box 📦 Have a beautiful day
Faith Robin Buchin (6 days ago)
Katrina, Dr. Dray (Andrea), a YouTube dermatologist, talks about creams for the face containing gold. She says gold is not good for the face and I would definitely not put it around the delicate eye area, since the skin there is thinner than anywhere else on the body. The values for the items in this box are very inflated. ❤🌹💄
Heather Hernandez (6 days ago)
This box was nah
Celia Karren (7 days ago)
Hey great video! This box wasn't too exciting to me. But I enjoy watching you unbox subscription boxes.
Stephany Duarte (7 days ago)
I don’t think that box is worth what you pay! Like the fff box is 50 and you get a ton of stuff in their! Even the Cause box is better! js😎
Nida Lloyd (7 days ago)
Wow, there is nothing in that box that I care for at all. Possibly the eye cream? Definitely not worth the money. It certainly makes Fab Fit Fun look incredible by comparison.
Lisa Smith (7 days ago)
I always like seeing what I am missing. The echo is very cool. Have a great week..❌✖❌
BethsSubLover (6 days ago)
Lisa Smith I like it too Lisa
Nakia Woodard (7 days ago)
Always enjoy your videos, kinda expensive though
Michelle Greenwall (7 days ago)
Love to watch your videos 💞 But that box wasn’t worth it at all ( in my opinion ) The bracelets was pretty tho❤️ that’s really the only thing to catch my eye... but once again I do love to watch your videos and can’t wait for the next unboxing💖
Lara Kizawi (7 days ago)
Jennifer Miller (7 days ago)
This is kind of a meh box. Those bracelets wouldn't fit a lot of people. I would be angry if I paid $100 and got things that didn't fit.
Leslie Jo Elkins (7 days ago)
Not impressed with that one. The bag was cute but not very practical.
Kim Roemer (7 days ago)
Love your videos... I have subscribed and skipped boxes because of your opinions...thanks for being real!
Quiltymom & Molly (7 days ago)
That scarf is gorgeous
Janie Coward (7 days ago)
I think since its all her brand it should be discounted. I want to get for my daughter but it should only be 50buck total. No one can afford to pay more than 50 a time. I have fab fit fun boxes are awesome and worth every dime
Kristen Derousse (7 days ago)
The bracelets look really pretty on though. However the bracelet size just convinced me to not get the box.😥😥
Kristen Derousse (7 days ago)
Yay!! You're getting causebox!! It is one of my fave subs ever!
Kristen Derousse (7 days ago)
Eeek I've been debating on whether to get this or not, and I'm now convinced it will be a great box to add to my collection!!
CJ Page (7 days ago)
Your picture of the box on Insta was great, but not sure if/when I'd use the items.
Payton Garcia (7 days ago)
Absolutely not worth $99. I didn’t like any of the items in it. Like always thank you for all the information!! Also i love your plants they look so alive, ( I always kill mine)
Brandy Reynolds (7 days ago)
What?!?! That’s it?!?! I thought for $100 there would be an outfit in there or SOMETHING. Ugghhh no way would I EVER pay that much for this box. I’d rather spend a quarter of the price and get the #LuxuryDiva box. At least they put thought and attention into that box. Great video though. 🌸💛🌸
Holly Drum (7 days ago)
Wasn't thrilling, but always love watching your videos!!🖤💜🖤💜👾
Tiffiny Ray (7 days ago)
not impressed with this subscription box 😑
Susan Nus98 (7 days ago)
Not my favorite box. Love your videos.
Savanah Rogers (7 days ago)
You look so pretty here! What bronzer do you use? I’m so fair I need one that doesn’t look orange and I like yours here!
SubBox Lover (7 days ago)
I use the bronzer/contour in the shade sculpt from the tarte tartiest pro glow palette
mags car (7 days ago)
Pretty - but pricey! Great review!
Margie Ryne (7 days ago)
Hello, hope you've had a great day!!😉
SubBox Lover (7 days ago)
Hope you're having a great day as well!
Courtney Haynes (7 days ago)

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