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Upside-Down Pilates - Magic Circle and Hand Weights Part 2- Pilates Workout 34 - Full Episode - HD

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:-) Subscribe for weekly pilates videos. Leave a comment below if you did the workout. For other pilates videos, view the full description below. Upside-Down Pilates (http://www.UpsideDownPilates.com) is Honolulu's premiere pilates studio. This is lesson 34 of our TV show which has been on the air in Hawaii since 2008. In this lesson we cover part 2 of Magic Circle and Hand Weights workout. To view the Playlist with all of the pilates workout episodes we have uploaded click here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL634490D6C08E35B3 To learn more about pilates and our studio visit http://www.UpsideDownPilates.com Ensure you get the latest videos and Click "Subscribe" at the top of the page. Also, Click the "Thumbs Up/Like" button. And leave us a comment to let us know how we are doing. Jeff Orig produces, directs, shoots, and edits this show. To learn more about Jeff visit http://www.OrigMedia.com Copyright 2012 Upside-Down Pilates, LLC Subscribe to channel link: Click to subscribe for weekly pilates videos. Click HERE to be notified when we upload a new video. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?feature=iv&add_user=jefforig 1111 Nuuanu Ave. Honolulu Hi 96817
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