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Total Body Pilates with the Magic Circle 30 Minute Workout- Pilates Ring

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Total Body Pilates with the Magic Circle Workout ♥If you liked this video PLEASE subscribe to TWO workouts every week and so much more. ❓How many ways can you make 🦄magic with the circle???? Check out this total body pilates ring series….. Are you ready for 30-minute magical full body workout?  That's exactly what the magic circle can do!  It was developed over 100 years ago by Joseph h Pilates- but this prop has stood the test of time. The more you squeeze it the more strength gains you will make Follow along and learn the safest and most effective way to learn pilates at home. Foot Rolls- Spinal Rolls Standing Circle Squeeze Series Circle Ab Leg Stretch Circle 3 point glute series thigh stretch Push Ups Circle Bridge Series Revere Plank Circle Abs Sine Stretch Cobra Cobra Kicks Squats Side luge SCULPT, stretch and fire up all your muscles with this 30-minute PILATES workout. The pilates ring helps to target and tone as you get leaner and stronger! Let’s move through this detailed workout taught by a real classically trained Pilates instructor and we will be focusing on the whole body- from head to toes. Let’s do it, babes! As always use discretion and skip any moves that cause joint pain. ♥ Visit my WEBSITE for your FREE copy of my book "Path to Success" and check out the detailed blog post here: http://www.jessifitpilates.com/free-ebook/ xoxo Jessi
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Yuna Bae (1 month ago)
I love this video! I think this 30 min' workout has all the essentials to tone up full body.♡
Jessi FIT Pilates (1 month ago)
I’m so happy you like it ❤️🙏have fun working out 😘
Nicole Hass (2 months ago)
Great class! Thanks! I learned something new. Pushups with the ring☺️
Jessi FIT Pilates (2 months ago)
So glad you like it! Push ups with the ring really make it a bit more fun ❤️❤️❤️

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