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TRX Suspension Athletic Mat Pilates Flow with Fiona Hermanutz

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Join Fiona for a 55 minutes Athletic TRX Suspension Flow class. Wall mount, door mount, or suspended mid room - anything goes. Grab a mat, your TRX system, and a chair/box/table for a stable point. :)))
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coffee&yoga (14 days ago)
hey amazing ;)
coffee&yoga 😊 thanks! Hope you enjoyed the class ✨
Sara Martínez (24 days ago)
You are an awesome trainer, Fiona. Your videos give me a lot of ideas for my Pilates classes, thank you very much, honestly!!!
Your welcome! Try our IG account at #mfandpilates for 1 minute mini clips 💕💕
Sara Martínez you are very welcome Sara! Sharing is such a great thing 💕 my IG account show mini 1 min clips of exercises also - not all are posted on YouTube. #mfandpilates 👍👍
futuramal (30 days ago)
Me encanta ! I Love your exercises ! Love your vídeos Fiona thank you ❤👌🇦🇷🌺
No problem! Glad your enjoying them ❤️💫
futuramal you are very welcome! Glad your enjoying them!!!

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