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Slip Silk Pillowcase Review | Top Over 40 Tip For Anti-Aging, Smooth Hair & Skin

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❤ OPEN FOR MORE INFO❤ Fab deal now (July 2018) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 2 for $110 - that is a $158 value. Find it here: https://go.magik.ly/ml/dxb9/. I'm 50 & have been sleeping on silk pillowcases for almost 34 years. Did you know that dermatologists, hairstylists & beauty experts recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase? Let's learn more about the Slip Silk Pillowcase & compare it to other silk pillowcases that I have and see if it is worth the price. Find SlipSilk pillowcases here: Dermstore: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a272/ Sephora: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a26v/ Nordstrom: http://go.magik.ly/ml/a272/ This video was happily shot at the IPSY studios in Los Angeles, CA. FTC: I purchased this product myself. This video was not sponsored. I use affiliate links which means that I earn a small commission when you purchase through them. These earnings help me to purchase products for review & improve my channel. If you would like to support me, thank you so much. If you are uncomfortable doing so, simply search the product names that you are interested in purchasing in Google to locate where to purchase them. I hope you are enjoying my videos! :) ****************************************************************** Connect with me on Instagram,Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope: @YayOrNayNicole and find me on Facebook at: http://on.fb.me/1KtrX8l ****************************************************************** Recent Videos: Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling Lipsticks From TotalMakeupJunkie101/Eshani Patel https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=qKEl46tWXhg Men's Fashion Subscription Box - Sprezzabox Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgwgYTDH42Q&t=2s Fake A Tan Body With Makeup | Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs & Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INfofWyUrd4&t=73s ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++­+++++++ My discount codes and referral links (I get credit or points if you sign up) in case you are interested (only companies I like BTW): eBates: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=BLRJzMRLyiCdJplrRqKSVQ%3D%3D&eeid=28187 Hello Fresh meals. For $40 off your 1st box, use code S2L9EV or this link: www.hellofresh.com/raf-helloshare/?c=S2L9EV $10 off of your first Rachel Zoe Box Of Style: http://fbuy.me/cSZ3D Little Lace Box: http://littlelacebox.com?rfsn=86672.6505 FabFitFun: Get $10 off of your first box using this link: http://xo.fff.me/cybJy. GlossyBox: http://www.glossybox.com/referal?CI=M... Boxycharm: http://bit.ly/1N9tqRN HauteLook: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/NSanc... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++­+++++++ #SlipSilk #SlipSilkPillowcase #AntiAging #Over40Beauty #OverForty #Ipsy #IpsyOS
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Text Comments (66)
Bethany Loreal Cherian (26 days ago)
Omg!, I believe in silk, you look my age, you look 23, Wow, the miracle of silk!
YayOrNayNicole (26 days ago)
Wow, thanks for the amazing compliment Bethany! My son is 23 :).
hey (1 month ago)
Wow! I wouldn't guess that you are 50!
YayOrNayNicole (1 month ago)
Why thank you so much! Have a lovely day. 💗-Nicole
Bobo Baby (2 months ago)
Hi gorgeous! I have been looking into buying silk pillow cases for a while but have heard they make your hair have static. Is this true?
Bobo Baby (1 month ago)
+YayOrNayNicole Thank you!
YayOrNayNicole (1 month ago)
Bobo Baby Hi there, so technically you’re supposed to hand wash them and hang them dry. I have a washing machine that has a really great gentle cycle though so I use one of those lingerie washing bags and actually do it in my machine on gentle, cold. I then hang it dry. I change my pillowcase once a week.
Bobo Baby (1 month ago)
+YayOrNayNicole Hi again! Another quick question, how do you wash your pillow case?? Do you hand wash it or do you put it in the washing machine? Also how often do you wash it? Sorry for bugging you !! I want to gather as much information as I can :)
YayOrNayNicole (2 months ago)
+Bobo Baby I hope you love it. It makes such a difference. I just had my son start using one and his curly hair is behaving much better with it! :)
Bobo Baby (2 months ago)
+YayOrNayNicole thank you for the quick response! And thats good to hear, i'll be purchasing one :)
Nina Spadaccino (4 months ago)
My mom said she will get me one tonight I'm so exited to see how better it is compared to mine! Omg you should do asmr because your voice is so soothing!❤️❤️😊
YayOrNayNicole (4 months ago)
Hi Nina, I hope you enjoy it! It makes such a difference. I've never thought of doing ASMR! That might be a fun idea. Have a fantastic weekend! xoxo -Nicole
Assia oum (4 months ago)
Time to get me one of those! I'll use your link 😙😙😙
Assia oum (4 months ago)
Can't believe you are 49!! Omg you look waaay too young 😍😍😍😍😍
La Leeezy (6 months ago)
Your voice is so relaxing lol 😂
YayOrNayNicole (6 months ago)
Why thank you! :)
leila shafae (6 months ago)
Hi, I am looking for a quality 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and you seem like an expert. Have you tried Fishers Finery 30mm and if yes, what were your thoughts? Do you feel like I should choose 30mm over 22mm? Which one would you choose (Fishers Finery 30mm, Slip 22mm or Lelini 22mm)? Thank you so much for your videos!
YayOrNayNicole (5 months ago)
Hi Leila, I have tried Fishers Finery but I did not get the 30mm. I got the 22. It felt very thin after a year of use. I'd totally go for the 30 if you want Fishers or the Lelini has held up great just like Slip. Just so you know, you can often use 20% off codes on Dermstore, use your percentage off during Sephora VIB discount days and Norstrom sold 2 for $110 during the August sale. I'm glad that you have been enjoying my videos! Have a great weekend! xoxoxo
Fifi Girardi (6 months ago)
50?! I thought you were in your mid thirties! I’m glad you started early on skincare and anti-aging methods, I can see the payoff in you.
Ben Dragan (1 month ago)
Fifi Girardi seriously..
YayOrNayNicole (6 months ago)
Hi Fifi, Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! You made my day! :) Nicole
E. Garceau (6 months ago)
First of all your gorgeous and do not look close to 50! Second thank you for reviewing this. Ive been really interested in getting this and now I feel good about purchasing it. Btw you have the most soothing beautiful voice! So relaxing to listen to. I imagine you've been told that before. :-)
cathy chen (9 months ago)
hello, who wants sillk sleeping mask? free product , Uk Only ,my email is [email protected],my facebook is Xiaoqiong Chen
cathy chen (9 months ago)
if you are interested , please contact me
bladejynxxm (9 months ago)
I wish to share some information about fabric (and therefor silk pillowcases, which you have a few videos about) so you can be better informed and better inform your audience. I am sharing this information because I did not see it in any of your other videos about pillows, so if you included it elsewhere or did not include this information for simplicity's sake, I apologize for assuming your ignorance. Satin refers only to the weave of the fabric and not the fibre content. If you ever had to in school weave paper together in art you made what is called a 'plain weave'. A satin fabric is one that is woven so that one side is smooth (and silky) and the other side is more rough. So a satin fabric could be made of polyester, rayon, silk, cotton or anything else that you can make thread out of. Fibre is what one uses to make thread. Types of fibre include; natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen or silk; and man-made fibers like polyester, rayon, nylon. Once made into thread these fibres can be made into any weave, including satin. Generally things that are labelled 'satin' will refer to a satin-weave that is made from man-made fibers and things labelled 'silk' will refer to anything made of silk fibers. However when shopping online some companies may label their product as 'silk' in the title or discription when what they are selling is made out of satin-weave polyester or nylon. The best way to be sure that you are getting real silk is to check the fibre content of the object (often at the bottom of the item discription) before buying and on the tag that is sewn into the item on one of the side seams. If you still are still unsure or think the fabric is mis-labelled then do a burn test at home in a safe, well-ventilated area; silk will not burn easily when removed from the flame, will not melt, and will smell like burning hair. TL;DR Satin is a weave and does not refer to what material the fabric is made of. Read item discriptions carefully and always look for fiber content when looking for silk pillow cases
La Leeezy (6 months ago)
YayOrNayNicole (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for this information! I will look further into it and most likely use it if I do another silk review. Have a wonderful day. <3 Nicole
Rachel Evolve (10 months ago)
I need one of those pillows!!!
Muzicboy3 (11 months ago)
Do you know if any bed sheets that has the same great quality? Or any least expensive pillow cases that matches this quality ?
Judy Marshak (1 year ago)
Nicole, are you familiar with the Slip pillowcase that Anthropologie sells in their store? It appears to be the real thing but someone posted that it said 'Made in China'. Is the original one Made in China?
YayOrNayNicole (11 months ago)
I just double checked and mine says made in China. Sorry for the delay in answering but I had misplaced it. Have a great weekend!
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Judy Marshak Hi Judy, I do have the slipsilk . I purchased it from Dermstore store so it should be the real thing. Let me look for it and I’ll let you know what the tag says.
Lovingfruits&veggies (1 year ago)
How in the world are you even near 50?!!!! You are so classy and well spoken!!! Awesome & very informative video!!!
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
You are so sweet! Thank you for the nice compliment. I'm so glad you enjoyed the video. :)
Aldebaran AquaStar (1 year ago)
Thank you very kindly for this video! I learnt a lot! I’m definitely purchasing the silk pillowcase you highly recommend today! I wish I would have known about this years ago! I can’t wait to use it! Since you have shared so much I would like to share that I use Taconic shampoo bars to wash my long tresses. I wrote an excellent Amazon review explaining more as to how I use it. It has done wonders for my hair and I feel using a silk pillowcase will do even more! Also I use the Australian brand, MG Naturals’, foundation which is completely pure makeup, free of all lab chemicals including titanium dioxide. I absolutely love how it feels on! I have searched out the most natural products I can find. Lastly, I use the brand, “100% Pure” lipsticks and have ceased using any other lip product. Again thank you very much!
Terri Bodker, Realtor (1 year ago)
What brand of mulberry silk pillowcase do you recommend? I'm finding them very low priced online which concerns me. I want organic handmade.
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi Terri, So I just checked the websites of the silk pillowcases that I tested an use on a regular basis and only ChicHouz states on the website that they are organic. SlipSilk and Leline are a tad more tightly woven and a little bit silkier than Chichouz but Chichouz is organic and a little less pricey. Lelini states: - 100% pure premium silk  - highest grade (6A) long strand pure mulberry silk  - OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified non-toxic dyes  Slip Silk states: -We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that they meet the very stringent international Oeko-Tex® Standard 100-We work with one of the largest and longest running silk suppliers in the world. They take great pride in the quality of silk they produce.  Chichouz says: Natural and Organic 100-percent Mulberry Silk MaterialsCHICHOUZ have its own silkworm nursery and only feed silkworm natural and organic mulberry leaves. The silkworms will be producing well. The silk will be very soft, light, whippy and have pearl-like luster. Hope that helps!
Karrie Glasgow (1 year ago)
Great video! Have you tried the Beauty Loop? It works great with silk pillowcases and keeps your face from getting squished against your pillow. I love mine! It's at www.BeautyLoop.com
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Wow, that is great to know! Thanks Karrie.
Karrie Glasgow (1 year ago)
YayOrNayNicole Thanks for responding. It actually has relieved all my neck and shoulder pain. I did have to switch to a thinner pillow underneath but once I did it was great! Happy New Year to you too! ❤️🎉
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi Karrie, I have not tried that out. It looks like a great idea! Does it make your neck hurt at all? I have a bit of a sensitive neck. Have a very Happy New Year!!!
Ghezal H (1 year ago)
I can't believe you're 50. You look super young! I just bought a silk pillowcase, which wasn't mulberry unfortunately because it was a bit cheaper, but I'll step up to mulberry after trying this one/seeing if it's worth it for me (which I'm sure it is).
Savanah Cooper. (10 months ago)
Honestly she looks 30!!
case based (1 year ago)
Ghezal H There are way cheaper ones you can buy off Amazon that are 100% mulberry silk
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi Ghezal, Thank you so much! You are too sweet. I did not start with mulberry either and it was still a huge improvement over cotton. I hope you enjoy your silk pillowcase. :) -Nicole
Hannah Wiggins (1 year ago)
I recently bought two of the slip pillowcases because nordstrom had them on sale during their anniversary sale. Wow are they amazing! Worth the investment for sure.
Hannah Wiggins (1 year ago)
YayOrNayNicole you too!😉
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Great deal! Good to know. It makes SUCH a difference! Thanks for the info. Have a nice evening.
Hannah Wiggins (1 year ago)
YayOrNayNicole they had a two pack of the white queen sized ones for $109. So $50 off. I couldn't resist. I'm spoiled now, this head is never sleeping on cotton again. 😂
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hannah Wiggins I absolutely love mine Hannah! I'm glad you are enjoying yours. What were they marked down to?
Ritz Crackerz (1 year ago)
I usually shower late at night and go to bed with a wet head. Would it destroy the pillowcase?
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
+Ritz Crackerz I do the same at least twice a week and it is totally fine. 😊
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
+Ritz Crackerz I often do the same thing about three times a week and it is fine. 😊
IamBonnieBBon (1 year ago)
I knew I was going to get a silk pillowcase because time is marching all over my face!! I just wasn't informed enough to know if the pricier options are worth the extra money and what I should be looking for when I buy. Thanks so much!!! You packed so much info in I feel like I could go get one tomorrow and known exactly what I want. That's pretty awesome!! Thanks again, sooo much!!!! This video is a jewel!
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi Bonnie, I am so glad that this was helpful!!! Have a fantastic day! =) Nicole
Tyra Hudson (1 year ago)
Great informative video here and I admit I havnt jumped into the silk pillowcase yet because I try my darndest to sleep on my back and I have short hair however you did highlight on some great points that definitely caught my attention. I know you know all about the Costco deals but I have had my eye and find myself looking at the iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase which is the same concept I guess but somehow has copper infused to help. I dont know...lol...I know its not silk but was wondering your take on it and if you have seen or heard about it.
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
+Tyra Hudson hi Tyra, I do have one of the Iluminage pillowcases. I bought it from Dermstore with a 20% off coupon. Full review has been shot but not edited. It's not that I think it's bad but I like silk better. I will try to hurry up and get that series finished and out. Who knows, maybe it will go on mark down at Cosco LOL
M.M. (1 year ago)
I have used silk pillowcases for years and recently purchased a Slip pillowcase to try it out. As you would expect, it is very shiny and silky. But I find it a little too slippery, if that makes sense. The weave it quite tight and doesn't feel as breathable as my other silk pillowcases. And the deal breaker for me is that it is just too big for my pillow, whereas other silk pillowcases fit much better. I do love it's beautiful silky feel though.
Judy Marshak (1 year ago)
I'm curious, which ones do you like better? I've never had one and am looking, but the cost is so intimidating. As a person who has been using them, do you feel that one must spend that much? Can you tell me your favourite brands?
The Real Di Babe (1 year ago)
Very informative video. I sleep on a satin pillow case but it is not made by Slip. I will check one out at the next Sephora VIB Sale or at Nordstom's. Thank YOU and I hope you are doing great! :D
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Glad this was informative! Dermstore often has 20% off codes too and they sell Slip. Hope that helps. Have a great weekend!
Susan W (1 year ago)
I need to get one, for years I have slept with a silk bonnet on my hair at night, can't believe I am admitting that,lol,but it really does help my hair but need a pillowcase for my skin I think! I did not know all the benefits for the skin! Great video! XOXO
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Hi Susan, How cute you must look in the bonnet. Great idea! I love my silk pillowcases. Have a fabulous day! xoxoxo -Nicole
Ascension NCS (1 year ago)
Seriously good video man, looking forward to seeing some more!
MichMo72 (1 year ago)
great video! thanks!
YayOrNayNicole (1 year ago)
Thank you Michelle! :)

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