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15 Min Mat Pilates Class with Magic Circle

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A quick 15 minutes Mat pilates workout you can do anywhere, anytime using the Magic Circle.
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Olivia Donnelly (7 months ago)
This is wonderful! I love your style - will be using some of your techniques in my upcoming classes :-)
Olivia Donnelly (7 months ago)
and I used to live in Randolph NJ!
Olivia Donnelly (7 months ago)
Love to!! My husband is from Philly so we're up there a bit...I'll let you know! In the meantime I will continue to watch your videos.
Olivia Donnelly That is great. We have tons of videos you can watch and get ideas on all equipment. Don’t know where you live but if you are ever in the NY/NJ area, come for a visit. We host workshops monthly as well. ☺️
Olivia Donnelly (7 months ago)
Looking forward to it!! I have taken the Reformer and Mat certification classes and I sit for exams in August! I am apprenticing at a studio in town teaching private clients and group reformer classes - your videos have given me some ideas for my clients! Grateful for you :-)
Olivia Donnelly That is great. I love Mat classes. I’ll be posting more workouts with more variations using other props. 👍😉

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